Necrosmith – Skeleton Secret Recipes Guide

List of secret recipes with images (preview and stats included).

Guide to Skeleton Secret Recipes


What the stats at the unit card do:

  • Heart – health
  • Heart + – regeneration
  • Shield – armor
  • Boots – movement speed
  • Eye – vision range
  • Bottom Right – weapon damage
  • Blue bottle – total mana cost

Skeletons Variants

On The Left is the stat of the unit, heart = health, eye = vision range, boots = movement speed, shield = armor, theres also damage on the right part and mana bottle is cost.

The Right side image is the preview of the unit and the bonus stat it have.

List of Skeleton variants (Skeleton head, skeleton body, skeleton legs)

Skeleton Rogue – with 2 sword

Bounty Hunter – Sword and Crossbow

Priest – Sword and Wand

Warrior – Sword and Shield

Shooter – dual crossbow

Cultist – Wand and Crossbow

StormTrooper – Crossbow and Shield

Mage Expat – dual Wand

Mage Bodyguard – Wand and Shield

Apprentice – Book and Wand

Book with other variants doesn’t yield secret recipe.

Armored Skeleton

Base: Helmet Skeleton Head, Armored Skeleton Torso, Skeleton leg with Boots.

Bandit – with dual sword

Assasin – Sword and Crossbow

Soldier – Sword and Shield

Ranger – dual Crossbow

Guardian – Crossbow and Shield

Dual Shield doesnt yield Secret Recipe

Robed Skeleton

Base: skeleton with wizard hat, Torso with robe, bare feet.

BattleMonk – Dual Sword

Monster Hunter – Sword and Crossbow

Spy – Dual Crossbow

WitchHunter – Crossbow and Wand

Sorcerer – dual Wand

Mage Support – Wand and Shield

Mage – Wand and Book

Warlock – dual Book

Sword and Wand doesnt yield recipe.

Book with other variants also doesn’t yield recipe.

Dead Spy

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  1. I’ll note you can get a “troll” by sticking two cyclops arms on an unarmored orc, and that there are around a dozen “prototypes” (literally named prototype 1 and so on) you can get by slapping singular mechanoid parts on a Golem.

  2. Nice, I was hoping there’d be an organized one of these.
    I think you’re missing one though, called the “bastard orc” or something like that. It’s flexible like the mutant recipe, but the only orc part is the torso. There’s a version for both skeleton and zombie parts.

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