NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD – How to Get 1 Million Followers

This short guide explains how to get alot of followers.

Guide to Get More Followers


There are few important tips:

The sexy streams get a lot of followers and that doing streams in big bulk until she near over stressed help a lot because of the combo bonus. Don’t forget to use the millstone stream in those big stretch because they don’t seem to raise stress.

Get the combos way up by streaming every night. Save the ones with lots of arrows for later combos when you can. You can manage her stress through sex, weed, or just frequently taking trips depending on the route you are going for. Also, even if her stress is high she will keep going for quite a while until she fully snaps into a loop of vanity searches. That’s only when it’s been at or near 120 for several days.

The multiplier is the key, basically make sure to constantly stream and do the streams that give lower stress but not as many views, then when you have a good multiplier, do a stream that will get lots of views (sexy stream, asmr, conspiracy…etc) then you can use the sub celebrations as “rest days” (as far as I know it doesnt increase your stress like normal streams) then use the free day to get new ideas or relax to do the same cycle again. I was able to get 1mil subs before day 20 this way and after that i was able to use the same save to unlock the 1mil sub endings.

Just sleep the first night instead of streaming, and never miss a stream day ever after. Aim for the lowest stress streams, and make sure you at least get 10 000 by day 10, the rest is easy as heck. You’ll get 27 days streak and the numbers will go wild. When your numbers go high, you don’t get stressed anymore, so you can explode the numbers if you want after.

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