WARNO – Ground Battle Scale Explanatory Guide

Do you find the range in game confusing and odd? Fret not. Here’s the true scale of the WARNO game.

Guide to Understand Ground Battle Scale

So…you find the range in game to be off

If you think it’s absurd that an AK can shoot 800+ meters. If you find it confusing that some units in bushes can be seen from 500+ meters away. You are not mistaken.

Because the real scale in game is approximately 1:3.3

How do I know?

An M1A1 occupies exactly the radius of the smallest LOS circle (WIth 3D scaling off). And M1A1 conveniently is 12 feet in width according to wikipedia. The smallest circle in the LOS tool stands for 24 feet.


  • 530m in game is about 160m IRL.
  • 70m in game is about 20m IRL.

Note that Arty and Air have range compression. They have a different scale.

The real scale is 1:3.3!

And thats why all the numbers in the range section are completely off the world.


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