Neko Doll – Pro Gamer Useful Tips

Please note: all credit goes to Astolfo!

In this guide, I will show you how to play this game to maximum ability.

Tips and Advices


Once to start up you digital copy of Neko Doll, what you need to do is avert your eyes from her bewbies, and pay attention to the slider on the right-hand side of your computer monitor.

Now proceed to slide that white circle to the right, and watch those badonkers turn into massive dohoonkabhankoloos. Or if you are an ass man, do not be affraid to turn those bonkhonagahoogs. humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous, into a flat surface (Boring).


The game music. Hurts my virgin ears as I boot up the game for the first time with my Pink Razer Kraken Kitty Edition headphones set to 100%. My ears are now crippled. So to stop yourself from permanent damage, have your sound muted when you start the game. After that, proceed to the “Settings” menu.

Now go to the orange slider, and change the circle’s position from the middle, to the far left of the slider.

Now you can safely crank up your master volume and start playing some bangin’ tunes as you complete the game!

Graphical Enchancement

After having prevented your ears from certain doom, now you would like to click on the ‘Frame rate’ tab.

Now change the setting from ’60 FPS’ to ‘120FPS’

(This will make more sense in the next step)


Now you’re ready fellow gamer! To enter and take on the Neko’s challenges to show to her, that you are worthy to be her mating partner!

You are now to click the ‘Play Game Button’ and begin…

And just keep pressing your T key.

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