NeonCode – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a complete guide to all six achievements for NeonCode.

How to Obtain All Achievements


This is a guide on how to get all the achievements for the game NeonCode, and will focus only on that. It’s not meant to be a walkthrough for the game.

This guide contains spoilers!

Nothing To See Here

  • Shoot a drone at the Crime Scene

Once you’ve gotten the gun from your office, go to the first crime scene and shoot the drone that’s flying around there to unlock this achievement.

Fedora Collector

  • Find and collect all the fedoras in the game!

This achievement seems to not work quite as intended, but at least its still easily obtainable. Some players have mentioned that getting all five fedoras doesn’t unlock the achievement. But clicking multiple times on a single fedora will unlock it.

Also note that the fedora by the first body doesn’t count as one of the five fedoras, for some reason.

Fedora locations

  • Gray fedora, “Office”: Inside apartment, on a box by the hat hangers.
  • Red fedora, “Station”: Close by the gas station, go up the stairs to the train station and turn left towards a green glowing information panel. The fedora sits on the bench right next to it.
  • White fedora, “Hotel”: In Harry Mills’ hotel room at the Grand Hotel, on a chest of drawers close to his body and next to the large TV.
  • Black fedora, “Docks”: On the other side of the gate to the warehouse area, past the guard, but right outside the entrance to the actual warehouse. On a crate.
  • Camo fedora, “Lodge”: In the hunting lodge, hanging from the top of one of the chairs on the first floor.

The fedoras you’ve found will be displayed on the hanger in your office, so you can always go there to check on your fedora collecting progress.

Car Mechanic

  • Fix your car

Get the money and gun from your office, then go to the market on the opposite side of your garage. Speak to the humanoid robot in the back to buy a battery. (It’s the only merchant with wares on its table.)

Go to your garage and use the battery with the car. Then pick up the gas can from one of the shelves in the garage, and bring it to the gas station. Talk to the employee there, and he’ll fill you up if you do him a favor.

At this point you’ll want to do the “Nothing To See Here” achievement if you haven’t already, because you won’t be able to do it past this point!

Shoot down and then interact with three different drones in the area. The third drone will have a memory card. Bring the memory card back to the gas station employee, whom will then fill up your gas can.

Go back to your car, and use the gas can on the gas lid on the car’s left side, and the achievement will unlock!

This is a story achievement, and can’t be missed during a playthrough.

The Laundry Job

  • Collected all the laundry

Once you need to get into the Grand Hotel, you need to speak with a couple of laundry workers. They’ll give you a keycard if you do their work for them. Take their car to the three different laundry containers in town, collect a box from each container and bring it to the back of the car, and drive to the Ethan’s Bar. Talk to the workers inside, and the achievement will unlock.

This is a story achievement, and can’t be missed during a playthrough.

Detective of the Night

  • Finished the game

The game ends shortly after the car chase scene, unlocking this achievement.

This is a story achievement, and can’t be missed during a playthrough.

I’m not Superman!

  • You can’t fly!

When you see the assassin jump out from the balcony of Harry Mills’ room at the Grand Hotel, jump off the balcony to unlock this achievement.

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