Mad Games Tycoon 2 – Beginners Guide

In this guide you will find tips and tricks for a good start into the game, which can help you. It is really only recommended for completely new players or for players who are starting from scratch after a long break.

Guide for Newbies

The Beginning

You have a choice of 3 maps. Either you start on the industrial estate or you play straight away without a tutorial on the beautiful beach map Palm Beach Resort. If you want it to be easier and have a lot of space for the rooms, then I recommend Sandbox. The Sandbox map is currently the largest map in the game and is actually just a very large hall.

The perks I chose in the picture would be designer, 2.inexhaustible, 3.bug free and 4.engine expert. I recommend taking the first 3 in any case and with the 4th you can choose freely.

When you have set everything and come to the Your character page, you should make the following settings. For Profession, it’s best to choose Game Designer and then assign your points as shown in the screenshot.

Here are a few screenshots of the different maps:

These 2 pictures show the map Industrial Estate:

These 2 pictures show the Palm Beach Resort map:

This picture shows the largest map Sandbox:


Depending on which building you have chosen, the space may vary somewhat. You should nevertheless recommend similar dimensions, because in the beginning your money is tight.

It is very important to have enough cleaning robots and rubbish bins. The walls should also be nicely decorated with pictures to make the staff feel more comfortable.

  • Bathroom [4×3]
  • Lounge [4×3]
  • Research [3 staff members]
  • Development [There should be space for 4-5 staff].
  • If researched, quality assurance would be beneficial [3 staff].

Here is an example:

In this example I have built the QA quite large, but you can also build a larger research lab.

The Beginning

At the beginning, it is best to hire 2 more employees to sit in the development room with you. The 2 employees and you should first take a seat in the research room to research a genre that is very popular. If the topics do not fit the genre, you should also research one of them that you like. Research the 2 gameplay features at the beginning.

Once you have researched the 3-4 things, put all the staff in the development room. Start developing your first game and be sure to choose at least English as the language.

Game Development

The more games you develop, the higher the stars for the themes and so on. If you get the stars full, this also has a positive effect on the rating of the games.

If your first game makes plus, (This can vary a lot depending on whether you play on Very Easy or Legendary!) then it is best to hire researchers to explore the rest of the genre and other themes.

It is best to always change the theme, but not the trend genre! You should find out for yourself which themes harmonise with which genre.

When publishing games, you should always make sure that the publisher represents your genre. If this is not the case, choose the publisher with the greatest market strength. At best, only publish with one publisher to increase your reputation with them. If your reputation is high enough, you can sign an exclusive contract which will bring in even more money.

Attention! At higher difficulty levels, the number of publishers will not be as high!

Create paid add-ons with maximum content for games that have been on the market for more than 15 weeks. This is only worthwhile for games that are doing well.

Create sequels when a game disappears from the market, because this strengthens the IP. If the IP becomes better known, the games of this IP will achieve higher sales figures. If a game is close to the end and only sells 500 units, you can already start the sequel.

When you have enough money, research quality assurance. The quality assurance should have room for 2 game testers. Now you can improve the gameplay and create game reports.

Game reports contain important information about whether the game fits the theme and whether the sliders have been set correctly.

If you have more space and buy a second building, build a second developer room there with room for 5. A second QA room would be an advantage! Now, if you have enough staff in the rooms, you can develop 2 games at the same time.

The developer rooms should contain at least one sound artist, graphic designer, programmer and 1-2 game designers.


Always research the latest features for the engine and keep it up to date. Sell it for 1000-5000$ and make a profit sharing to 5% and later I recommend to sell it only for 1000 and set the profit sharing to 10%.


You should not grow too big too fast and always have a certain financial cushion. Make many orders if you think you can do them. For commissioned games you should choose one of your engines and set it to 10% before starting development. The commissioned games will then make even more money.

Stay at one game size as long as possible and only increase it when you can pack more features into a game.

Final Words

There are different playstyles and everyone plays Mad Games Tycoon 2 differently and I hope you will find your way.

Written by Chronosuniverse

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