No One Survived – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

All credit goes to Vulkanz!

Tips and Tricks

  • Dying: The game doesn’t punish you for dying. Just jump off something and reset your stats if you are near your spawn. Don’t waste your foods.
  • Overweight: Too much stuff in your bag? C C = Rolling, it travels just as fast as walking.
  • No Stamina: Want to move fast with no stamina? Hold Shift and keep jumping. You gain stamina while in air enough to keep it going. No more walking.
  • Car: Get to the trader and get a car asap, the car repair kit is key to speed.
  • Skills: Reading books at home is best, then use dying tip to refresh your mentality. Note: You can read while moving (but I haven’t perfected it yet).
  • Skills: Want to upgrade something, repeat the fastest things, like get 200 sticks and craft 200 spears. Weapon crafting 5 instantly.
  • Zombie manipulation (multiplayer): If a player uses a car, all zombies (even in other cities where you’re looting) will go towards said car. Use this to loot without fear. Also works during horde night.
  • Cooking: You can cook coffee + water + water = coffee drink for STR stat. The water can be dirty. There are other recipes that will help. Meat + water + herb, etc.
  • Cleaning: Using the natural waters cleans you faster, and if you get malaria, 1 cure is better than 4 clean water bottles (its faster and smaller to carry).
  • Animals: A wild boar at the very beginning will rekt you. I saw both my friends die to said boar.
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