Nobody – The Turnaround – Debt Trap 5 Star

Please note: all credit goes to Bagar !

How to Get Pass Debt Trap 5 Star

This game so amazing, take me 3 days to win this Debt Trap 5 star!

0-3 days do Brick move + pick trash, can, box sale to Recycle Lady near Welder job + save skill point.

3-10 days get Flyer job + negotiate passive to get more bonus working, don’t wait for Broker phone call to get a job, go to Job Center to Job Board and go work (2 -3 days to build relationship up to 60 then you go straight to the job for work) + keep do Recycle job (try to steel battery on electric car good money).

10-20 days go up to Striver, get Chef Aid (good income job + bonus) + return 20k money from his sister + go to Flyer Job to rent a house (if not cool will go down badly + – 10 craving (need to eat good food like cake + pot 60$ will help) + go dpay buy Glow glass and Glow braclet (good profit) after work at Chef Aid around 16:00 go to Usher Job to start Peddler shop at 17:00 (take 4 hours make good profit, keep doing it every day will add up sale a lot).

20-25 days Historic town open go there and buy wholesale Flower from Flower shop (buy 3 thing make a lot money) wake up at 7:00 go do Chef aid then get out at 16:00 go to Market open Peddler shop sale 5 thing (3 kind flower + Glow Glass, glow bracelet) + 5 skill point passive Saleman increase 25% profit, you will make at least 700 – 1000$ a night + Chef aid job (300-500$) after 21:00 go quick to 1 of wholesale Recyle to buy and resale to Recyle Lady.

25 to 30 keep doing that or go explore the city, I got 11k at my 24 days so you will be fine to win ez this game.

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