Noita – Simple Save / Load Guide

Simple Save/Load for Noita. Only the built-in Windows features. Without mods or any unknown external applications.


I made two simple *.bat files to save and load in Noita, which use only the built-in Windows features.
Suitable for Windows 7/8/10/11.

Create Batch Files

To create *.bat files, we create text files (*.txt) and transfer the corresponding content into them.
One file for saving, the second for loading.


robocopy "C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita\save00" "D:\Games\Noita_save_backup" /E
if %errorlevel% GTR 3 pause


robocopy "D:\Games\Noita_save_backup" "C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita\save00" /E
if %errorlevel% GTR 3 pause

In the path to the game save, instead of “User”, the current system user must be specified.

You can specify any directory as a backup directory (I have “D:\Games\Noita_save_backup”).

But it is better not to use protected Windows directories for backup (such as C:\Program Files\backup, C:\Windows\backup).

After making changes to the files, save and close them.

Now you need to rename each file from *.txt to *.bat.

You may need to enable file extensions to change file types.

To do this, open Explorer, go to the View tab and check the File name extensions menu item.


The macro is launched by double clicking on it. If the macro executes successfully, the console window will appear for a moment and disappear.

If an error occurs, the console window will not close and you can read the error log.

Note: For the macro to work, you must exit the game using “Save and Exit”. This is probably not the most convenient way, but it does not use mods or any unknown external applications.

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