Occupy Mars: The Game – Campaign Walkthrough Guide

A map and brief walkthrough on completing the campaign within the allotted time.

Campaign Walkthrough


So, the campaign is quite easy, just have to reach a checkpoint for a continuation of time. You bob and weave, step on a crocodile and escape the clutches of a Jaguar. Just kidding!

You have to do some crouching and quite a bit of jumping and once, just once, you have to exert your energy to push a fallen pipe.

You’ll be from panic to this in about 3 minutes.


Your trying to get to the rocket to get off this rock after a mishap… Unfortunately, you got stranded and have to find an alternative method, thankfully you remembered there is a secondary one on the other side of the base!

You start with 1:40 seconds to get to the first checkpoint. After the checkpoint you get 2:55 seconds.

Keep in mind as well, you can hit the map button and time with stop.



Your first obstacle besides jumping and crouching is this here, just stand in front of it and push!

Home Free from the Count Down

Now that you have completed the obstacle, its smooth sailing from here on. When you get to the elevator though, you need to just look up slightly.

Lift it up and then click on the ladder.

Now we’re almost there, all you gotta do is take a seat!

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