Shadows of Doubt – Guide to Murder Case Killers

Ever need that small edge to figure out who the killer of your murders might be? Here’s a tip, check the crime scene for clues!

Murder Case Killers


Welcome detectives, I’m gonna make this short and sweet for you. This is probably going to help out new players the most but maybe even a seasoned detective can learn a thing or two. This is gonna be all about the types of killers you can encounter and the clues to figure out who they are or what the things at the crime scene even mean!

First Things First

Alright for this guide to make much sense you’ll need a couple things.

  • A murder
  • A crime scene
  • A camera
  • A newspaper (optional)
  • Your case board

You have all those? Great lets go.

In some (If not most or even all) crime scenes you’ve probably seen that there’s drawings on the ground or even writing on the walls. You’re gonna want to pay attention to that since this is the best hint the game can give you. The name of your case can also help you determine who the killer is.

Writing on walls or drawings on the floor can help you determine what the relation between the killer and the victim are and we’ll go ahead and cover some of those.

First I should note to you, always take pictures of the crime scene and writing/drawings, pin it to your board. If you forget to or the writing is too sloppy for you to read get a newspaper. Typically the paper will publish any writing that was on the walls or other details you missed. Make sure you scan those prints and if there aren’t any for whatever reason you can always wait for another murder. There can only be one murderer out at a time so if a second murder occurs while on the hunt, you’ve got more evidence to collect.

The Coworker

This not so sneaky co-worker is an absolute dumby. In this scenario you’ll find that on the wall they’ve scribbled out “Put a Pin in it”.

This term is commonly used in board meetings and offices as a way to get back to something. It’s not referring to your case board, but as a good detective you should still take a picture of this and pin it on your board. For the rest of this guide, that is what you should be doing to any writing or drawings at the scene.

To solve this one, look for your standard clues. The best would be a fingerprint. Find that print either on a murder weapon, on the front door, the door mat. anywhere the killer might have touched. Collect all the finger prints you can and pin them.

Next up find the victims workplace. Either through work id’s or other means. Once you know where they work you now know where the murderer works. Head on out and find the building they work in.

Now you’re here, the murderer might even be in the room with you detective, stay cautious. Check for any matching fingerprints on desks. If the office has a board with pictures of the workers scan those for prints as well, each picture should have the print of the person it belongs to on it.

Congrats, you should now have your killer, if not it’s possible you may have skipped some evidence along the way.

The Zodiac

Probably not what they’re actually called but this is my name for them given what they tend to do which is leave behind a note!

In this case you’ll have a murder where the suspect wants to play a game with the detective (you). Likely there will be a crumpled paper on the ground, open that toots up and check it out. Wow lookie here, a game to play!

This paper will have a game of wordle for you to play. Typically they want you to find their name so you can catch them but they think you’re too dumb of a detective to figure it out. Easy enough I have a fool proof plan. Might be a little brute-forceish but it gets the job done for sure.

First off you wanna try and re-arrange the letters in a few ways to see if you can find anything that even looks like a name. Find the victims address book and pin it since this can potentially have the killer inside. It seems every time the killer leaves behind the first initial and their last name so one letter isn’t gonna be super helpful till later.

Next up, off to the government database. Go check out the room on the right in the city center and hop on the cruncher. Off to the races. Go ahead and start typing in name starting with what you have from the address book and look for any potential matches to the letters in the note. If this doesn’t work and you’ve exhausted the book then you’re in for a world of hurt.

Time to take two letters you think should be next to each other in the name and start looking. This isn’t much fun and can last a while, but eventually you will find a name that matches your killers. Go get ’em detective.

The Lover

Ahhh, to be in love. But not like this! The lover seems to love their one and only so much that they can’t stand but to be theirs. From what I’m able to tell the lover will leave behind a note on the wall “[victim’s name] & [suspects first inital] Forever”.

This is a great clue since now you have at least a first initial to off. In addition to this the lover will outline their victims in lipstick and often leave the lipstick behind which is a great way to get prints if they keep the weapon.

Another great tip is the victim’s cruncher. Go get in and check their emails, low and behold they’ve been very active on Dove. Occasionally you might just find a name with a matching first initial giving you a name to look up in the government database.

The Generational

Now I’m personally not to sure on this one since there doesn’t seem to be much info on it and the few times I’ve encountered it I haven’t been able to figure out the relationship between the suspect and victim so information on this would be helpful to the guide.

What I do know for now is the Generational killer will leave behind toy cars at each scene. Scan it for prints and have fun looking for anyone to tell you if they’ve seen something weird.

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  1. this seems like it’ll be hella useful. do you have any idea what the relationship is when the writing on the wall is “[victim’s initials] paid”? or is that probably just a generic murderer

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