Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure – Best Seeds

Best Seed Codes

  • Seed: 79736

I have completed the game on this seed and found quite a few nice advantages on it:


  • Under the middle teleport are 6 Ancient Bases which I used for spark creation (3 stumpy, 1 sparky, 1 choppy and 1 carry), on the right to it are 3 Giant trees and on the left side another 2 for short access to the wood products needed to create the sparks.
  • North of the middle teleport are 3 Beelephant spawns and 2 Spunny Burrows for easy early game Aetheric Pellet/Clump farming.
  • Because the 2 Mantis camps are on the edge of the Woodlands, the issue of running into them by mistake is very small.


  • The rocky spark shrine is directly at the entrance of the mountains in the middle of the map with a giant Rock right next to it on the same plattform, perfect to kickstart rocky spark production.
  • Quite a few giant rocks are close to the woodlands and giant trees for short routes to produce combined wood/stone products (like Dowsing stones, Explosives, Stone Spikes and the 2 types of vials).
  • Only thing im not so happy about is the distance between the middle ancient Bases and some Giant rocks, I still have to find the right place for automating the rock sparks, I think the right side north of the Hauling Spark will be the place to go for this. There was teleporter close by but is missing now, after I completed all the quests.
  • Seed: 98786

I like that there is only two spark locations farther away than the other 3 RN and there are two different Mantis Spawns.

  • Seed: 69420
  • Seed: 81347
  • Seed: 52214
  • Seed: 53698

If anyone has had bad luck with seeds, this is working well for me. I can’t say it’s great or perfect since it’s my only one, but I’ve been able to enjoy the game on it. Give it a try for yourself as well.

  • Seed: 60302


  • Rocky spark station directly above closest mountain waypoint and scounty shrine directly above it.
  • Slashy spark station directly next to middle left waypoint.
  • Lot’s a trees near shrines and most are close (bottom left is loamy).


  • Bit of a treck between the north east and west plain areas given how far the waypoints are.
  • Not lot of ancient bases near the edge of the mountain biome.
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