Old Market Simulator – Reputation Guide: How It Works

Reputation Explained

Your reputation is always between 20 and 100. It can’t be lower or higher than that.

To get more customers to your market, you need to make your market bigger and keep an eye on your reputation value. For example, if your capacity is 10 and your reputation is 50, your final capacity is 5.

Reputation is affected by the following factors:

  • Product prices
  • Product variety
  • Expired goods
  • Market cleanliness

When you start the game, your reputation is 50. When customers buy something, your reputation will probably go up. When they can’t find what they want, your reputation goes down. Customers usually look for things that are in your market, but they also look for all kinds of items.

The only time this is different is during events. During events, customers really want event items. If you don’t sell the event items in your market, it will be a hard day.

Another thing to do is watch for items that are running low in your market. For example, if you only have one carrot left in the crate, you might want to take it off the stand until you get more. If two customers come at the same time, they will both go for the carrot and one will get to it first. Then the other one will complain that you’re out of stock.

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