One Punch Man: World – Shiny Shards Collectibles Guide (City F)

Shiny Shards Locations

Speak to Detective Tisen after reaching team level 60 and completing Episode 7 of the story. Must also have all Mystery Tokens, Fresh Servers and TT cards collected.

City F

Shiny Shard #1: A Sparkle Under the Sign of the Outdoor Restaurant. Near the move station, and near the food critic in the corner area there is the shard.

Shiny Shard #2: Roadblock on the Second Floor of the Fast Food Restaurant. Near the Fast Food shop, to the left near the blocked off stairs.

Shiny Shard #3: Light in the Middle of Ornate Floor Tiles in the Sunken Plaza. Sunken Plaza, directly the centre of the blue lights.

Shiny Shard #4: Secret in a Corner of the Railing Outside the Dance Studio. Near the Bald man quest, under the seat. Next to dance studio.

Shiny Shard #5: Spiritual Note Outside the Guitar Club. Near the guitar club, below the Bookshop.

Shiny Shard #6: Shimmer Under the Square’s Steps. Near the plaza shop to the right of the stairs. Plaza shop is near the guitar shop but opposite side.

Shiny Shard #7: Highlight of a Skin Care Billboard. Near the makeup shop above the gym, near the family restaurant.

Shiny Shard #8: Interdimensional Light Outside the COS Club. Cosplay shop, near the gacha machines. Opposite maid cafe.

Shiny Shard #9: Shiny Illusion in Front of the Izakaya. Near the Monster Disguised. Near the Drunken man, Snuck out cat or Udon shop business (depending on time of day).

Shiny Shard #10: Secret Between Potted Plants at the Slope Intersection. Near the Zahara encounter, down the side street at the right side corner.

Shiny Shard #11: A Sparkle in the Dark Alley Near the Oden Shop. To the left of the oden shop, near the Red cones.

Shiny Shard #12: Starlight over the Divination Shop. To the left of zahara’s shop.

Shiny Shard #13: Flash on the Chair on the Slope. The slope that takes you directly past the maid cafe, to the left near the chair.

Shiny Shard #14: Surprise in the Trash Can of the Open Air Cafe. Near the writer, go behind her at the top of the slope, in the corner near the bin.

Shiny Shard #15: Guide Under the Signpost of the Game Company. Between the game company and arcade buildings, there is a sign on the game company building side.

Shiny Shard #16: Hidden Treasure in Front of a Vending Machine. To the right of the station steps, near the troubled gamer: Underneath a set of seats.

Shiny Shard #17: Surprise Outside the Appliance Store.. Near the camera poster to the right of the Bear Graffiti guy, under the seat to the left of the poster.

Shiny Shard #18: Sound of Music at the Karaoke Entrance.. Close to the flower shop, in between the pillar to the right of the flower shop.

Shiny Shard #19: Surprise in the Green Belt of the Sunken Plaza. Between the pillar and flower garden above the Sunken plaza, near the Salesperson.

Shiny Shard #20: Guiding Sign Under the Signpost Outside the Sunken Plaza. Under the Teleport Sign to the right of the Bear Graffiti Guy.

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