OneBit Adventure – Pyromancer Endgame Build Guide

In this guide i will explain what you should use and do in the endgame when playing Classic Pyromancer.

Guide to Pyromancer Endgame Build

Suggested Gear to Have


Max Damage Cleaver

  • This is your main weapon for normal Gameplay.

Max Damage Tomahawk

  • Since tomahawk is capable of having even more damage than a cleaver this is your weapon of choice for bossfights.

Max Knockback Mallet

  • For situations where you might die, push away mobs or bosses.


Gauntlet Helmet (50% Endure)

  • This is your main Helmet when playing normally, Endure adds a layer of safety.

Defender Helmet (65% HP efficiency)

  • This is not needed and only helps saving health potions when healing.

Max HP Majestic Helmet

  • This is the helmet you use if you dont have a Gauntlet Helmet or think you play save enough to not need the Gauntlet Helmet.


Rustic Chestplate with as many Extra coins as possible

  • If you have one then this is your normal play chestplate.

Gauntlet Chestplate (Double Ore and Quick breaking)

  • This is to quickly break objects in the overworld and mine.

Brod Chestplate (Stewpot output +1)

  • When you have to brew items at the stewpot quickly swap to this.

Majestic Chestplate

  • This is the chest you use if you dont have a Rustic Chestplate or dont want to collect many coins.

Suggested Skills to Have

Skill – % to have at p5 lvl 110

  • Burn Damage (1590%)
  • Fire Aura
  • Amplify (3)
  • Armor Up
  • Spiked
  • Coin Thrower (3)

Coin Thrower is optional and not needed.

If you want to swap out some Damage for Health you can do that, 300 600 or 900% Health+ are good options, put the other points into Burn Damage.

Facts on How to Play

Spiked is your Skill to stun enemies and bosses if needed.

The goal is to have your Fire Aura up at all times, simply walk near a monster or wait so it walks towards you until it is in the fire aura, then run away/around until it dies. You dont deal Damage with your normal attacks.

Use a Cleaver when normally playing and a Tomahawk when doing Bossfights, tomahawks are capable or having even more Base damage than cleavers, however it is rather painful to normally play with them because you often attack enemies with range, which drops the amount of tomahawks you have left. When the amount on your Tomahawk drops to 0, it also will stop affecting your Fire Aura. You can use the Tomahawk when normally playing too if you want to.

Dungeons and Bosses are no problem even past 200k Steps.

If you plan on doing a long run, get these 3 buffs at the start:

  • Cooldown (for Spiked)
  • Damage (more burn damage)
  • Armor (Safety) OR – Health (safety)

My Build

My Quickslots

  • Small HP Pots
  • Big HP Pots
  • Smoothie
  • Purify
  • Antidote
  • Adaptive Eye
  • Majestic Helmet
  • Gauntlet Helmet
  • Defender Helmet
  • Gauntlet Chestplate
  • Brod Chestplate
  • Majestic Chestplate
  • Rustic Chestplate
  • Cleaver
  • Tomahawk
  • Mallet
  • Pickaxe
Written by Tribrid

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