Thymesia – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A 100% guide to get all of the achievements with some tips/tricks.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Welcome to my 100% guide for Bloodborne 2 ! Wait nvm this is Thymesia…

I haven’t seen a good 100% guide yet so I decided to make one, hope it helps!

First are the easy achievements:

Test Ride

  • Reave a plague weapon for the first time. Basically just use your fully charged claw on an enemy.

Take a break

  • Use the bonfire I mean beacon.

Memory Interrupted

  • Let your health reach 0.


  • Finish the tutorial.

Start Recalling

  • Enter a mission (Sea of Trees would be the only one).

It’s mine now!

  • Unlock a plague weapon by getting shards from enemies, just keep playing the game and you’ll unlock it easily.


  • Fully upgrade a potion. I fully upgraded the basic potion. The cost gets higher so save up your upgrade materials.

Weapon Master

  • Fully upgrade a plague weapon. Should be easy, I fully upgraded the spear/halberd and the greatsword, but the shards drop frequently enough that you shouldn’t have any issues.

Boss/Level Achievements

These achievements are also pretty straightforward. Just kill the bosses and complete the levels.


  • Odur – Sea of Trees
  • The Hanged Queen – Royal Garden
  • God of the Fools – Sea of Trees Sub mission 3
  • Mutated Odur – Sea of Trees Sub mission 4
  • Varg – Hermes Fortress
  • Urd – Hermes Fortress Sub mission 1
  • Corvus – Sea of memories


  • Sea of Trees (5 missions)
  • Royal Garden (4 missions)
  • Hermes Fortress (3 missions)
  • Sea of Memories (1 mission)

Completed Memory

  • Complete all the missions and sub missions.


There’s a total of 5 different endings, which all require combining different cores.

Power of Vile Blood

  • Fool’s God core and Sound of the Abyss core.

Blessing of Pure Blood

  • Urd core and Varg core.

Harmonized Force

  • Mutated Odur core and Hanged Queen core.

Power of Cleansing

  • Mutated Odur core and Hanged Queen core. Keep holding the button/joystick to move up during the cutscene.

Chaotic Power

  • Combine any two cores that don’t make an ending.

Memory Seeker

  • Get all the endings.


Piece of Cake

  • Kill a boss without using potions. Easiest boss for me was Varg, also good practice for:

You shall not pass!

  • “Kill” Varg in the tutorial. Just parry his combo attacks and hit him with your claw once. Rinse and repeat. (you can also make a backup of your save right before fighting him in case you die so you don’t have to re-do the entire tutorial)

Lord of Plague

  • Unlock all plague weapons. Should be easy if you do every sub mission. Some of the weapons are dropped by bosses but I didn’t need to farm any (unless you want to fully upgrade them).

Herb Gatherer

  • Get all the potion ingredients. You should get most of them by playing the game. Oregano was the only one I had left, which was easy to farm by going into the first Sea of Trees mission and farming the shield + axe guys. Video demonstrating the farm:

Is this Alchemy?

  • Craft a potion recipe. Use the guide below.

Plague Doctor

  • Craft all the potion recipes.

Rolling Required Ahead

  • Break 1000 barrels. Easiest way I found was going to the second bonfire I mean beacon in Sub Mission 1 of Sea of Trees and farming the barrels there.

Peak Performance

  • Reach max level. I just farmed the final boss.

Good Listener

  • Collect all lore.

Memory Weaver

  • Collect all story bits. This one might be bugged since you can get it without getting all of the story bits? Just keep re-fighting the final boss and getting the endings (that’s how i did it anyway) If not here’s a video guide:

It is out of order but

This screenshot has all of the story bits unlocked, so you can just swap between this and the video.

I hope you got all the story bits in the tutorial.

The Great Collector

  • Collect all entries in the collection. You should get this buy doing the Plague Doctor, Good Listener, and Memory Weaver achievements.


  • Get every other achievement.
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  1. There’s a better spot for farming barrels in the first mission of hermes fortress, right next to the second or third beacon. Awesome guide by the way ^^

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