OnlyFap Simulator – How to Start the Game

How to get the game to start!

Guide to Start the Game


Like many other players, I bought this game, however it wouldn’t start. I did some snooping around files, and it seems the devs uploaded an incomplete or dev build. Luckily, I found the issue and have come up with a fix.


  • Locate a “steam_api64.dll”. I won’t suggest downloading it somewhere online, because when I went searching, everything looked very sketchy. Instead, a lot of other games already have it in their download folders. For example, I found it in the root folder of my Grand Theft Auto V install. Just find it and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Navigate to your OnlyFap install. This can be done by right clicking the game in your Library, hovering over “Manage”, and clicking “Browse Local Files”
  • Navigate into the folder called “OnlyFap_Data” in the OnlyFap install folder.
  • Create a folder called “MonoBleedingEdge” (without the quotes), inside the “OnlyFap_Data” folder.
  • Paste “steam_api64.dll” into the “MonoBleedingEdge” folder.


Once you have done all that, you should be able to start the game!

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