Orb of Creation – How Does Hasten Work

This short guide explains how does hasten work in the Orb of Creation game.

Hasten Explanatory Guide

Explanation and Tips to Use

It just speeds up the cooldowns for few seconds. So for example, you have spells on 60 seconds cooldown going on. You activate Hasten with 5 seconds duration. Cooldowns on those spells become 10 seconds. 5 seconds pass, Hasten ends. Cooldowns go back to normal and there is only 30 seconds left on their timer because half of the timer passed with higher speed.

You can use it in loadout with Charm spells when you were leveling them to gain bonus Mana capacity. Most of them are toggles with short duration but very long cooldown, so you need to use 5 charm spells, wait until their duration ends and they all went on cooldown, activate Hasten. Result – some of them come off cooldown after just one Hasten, some require two cast or waiting a little after the first one. So instead of waiting for 1-3 minutes to cast those spells you only wait for ~30 seconds.

Put the charm necklace on, equip 2 haste spells and level them. Soon you’ll be able to cycle 2 haste spell permanently. Basically removes spell cooldowns from the game.

To put it more simply, while Hasten is active, the rate at which cooldowns … cool down… is greatly increased. Then when Hasten ends, the cooldown rate returns to normal.

Think of it like holding down the fast forward on a VCR. While you hold down the button, the tape runs much more quickly, then when you let go it returns to normal playback speed.

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