Orb of Creation – How to Get More Mana

Guide to Get and Not to Lose Mana

Mana Capacity Tips

  • Your max mana are buff by the pink resource. The reason that you lose max mana when buy dex because it use that pink thing. Just fill the pink stuff to get your max mana back.
  • A lot of resources give passives. It might be worthwhile to mouse over any new resources you get.
  • Thaumaturgy is one of the resources you spend to increase your Dexterity. But your currently accumulated Thaumaturgy also increases your maximum mana. So when you spend accumulated Thaumaturgy for an upgrade, you also lose maximum mana.
  • Don’t make the mistake of leveling your spells too high… there will come a point in the game where your max level spell will cost more mana than you actually have max if you just level them up whenever the upgrade is available.
  • Though since you can downgrade a spell temporarily it is only bad if you spent resources you cant get back easily to level it up.

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