OUTBRK – General FAQ (Technical, Gameplay, Performance)

Frequently Asked Questions


How much will the game cost?

OUTBRK has launched on Steam in Early Access at 34.99 USD.

Steam Deck support at Launch or post EA?

Partial at launch, the main menu has bad perf on the Steam Deck and requires a external mouse to change the settings.

If I have the minimum specs for the game and I try to run the graphics on medium or high in-game settings, how bad will the frame rate, tearing, etc drop?

Minimum specs are designed to give you around 30ish fps while on all low settings, you could try to play around with the graphical settings to see how comfortable you are with sacrificing performance for more quality. A lot of performance issues will be tackled after this is completed.

Since there aren’t any Australian servers for outbrk yet, how will this affect my gameplay if it does anyway?

You can log on EU servers and it should probably be ok, server latency has not a lot of impact on gameplay. Its relatively easy to add more servers depending on the demand. But its also expensive. If there is a large enough Australian player base to merit its own server cluster, we can deploy one there.

What will be the max server size?

12 players currently.

Is it possible to reconnect to same server, scenario and position in game after disconnect from internet?

No as this could easily get abused in the game also.

How does “matchmaking” work? Will I be able to set up or find a specific lobby to play with my friends I’ve been eagerly anticipating playing with?

For now all matchmaking is public and if you and friends both join at same time you get same lobby, Im pretty sure they also said theyre planning on adding friend groups etc. just not upon ea launch.

What renderer will the game use? DirectX 12?

DirectX 11

Will the game support up-scaling tech like FSR / DLSS?

Yes it will have both. Just note they are experimental and need tweaks.

Will there be different settings for ground textures than for clouds? If so will selecting maximum cloud setting while lowest possible for other textures help me safe fps?

Yes there are other graphical setting such as ground, textures, shadow, grass, etc. You can play with those too.

Tell me more about your weather model

A custom model that simulates at a way greater resolution than what you are used to see. The model has a precision that could be described as 18.37 times better than the HRRR for example.

This allows for actual accurate surface response data that you wouldn’t see at larger grid cell resolutions.

As for how the data is then interpreted in the engine, this is pretty much the breakthrough that made OUTBRK possible so I’m not going to cover all of that.

Where OUTBRK is around? Like Oklahoma or Iowa?

Fictional area based on tornado alley. It do look like our map. I started with a 25×25 height map from somewhere in midland USa and carved important landmarks in the terrain (like the south ocean, big river, big canyon) in the texture itself, then imported that into unity, then 4 years of work = outbrk.

Will you spawn in the same area with the same tornado or will the locations be random but with the same scenario tornadoes?

Locations will be random but with the same scenario tornadoes.

Will there be drones, or a free-cam option open?

No free cam you can hide UI by using F1 for shots and time lapses. No drones for now but something we can look into later.

Will there be an in game feature that allows you to record timelapse? I’m not talking about a fast-forward feature, I’m just talking about the ability to record timelapse in game, rather than use external recording software

Do like real life and be patient.

Location of saved pictures

  • C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Sublime\OUTBRK\SavedPhotos


Any plans on a Day/Night cycle?

Yes, after EA.

When I play offline and I disconnect because I need to go away when I open the game again do get a save option so I can play at that location with everything “saved”?

No, offline is a copy of online, with no server connectivity and no money progression.

Are there any plans in the future for a Doppler on Wheels type of vehicle?

We plan to expand considerably the fleet of vehicles, exactly which ones depends on a lot of factors. Making new cars is expensive and time consuming.

Can Trees and objects ram into vehicles and shatter windows?

“Shatter windows” can happen in-game. They are still there but, shattered.

Will vehicles have a maximum wind speed they can handle before getting lifted?

Depends on the vehicle.

Will there be a TIV 2 added?

We plan to considerably expand our fleet down the line with vehicles we have permission to make.

If TIV 2 ever gets added will we have different versions of it?

Probably not.

I know there is more vehicles coming but a interesting thought is that will dom 6 and dom 3 ever come?

Yes more vehicles, but we’re much more interested in customizable Outbrk cars than flooding the game with unique chase cars right now.

What’s the “(UNIQUE)” tag mean?

That it cannot be modified like the other cars.

Misc. Yes/No

Will the scenario set when EA comes out be the same as the scenario set currently accessible in the closed beta version out now?


When the Chase Ends counter is visible, is there still a chance for a tornado?


Will there be a deployment UI for dom 3?


Can we still add cosmetics inside the cars like the Gaspard cosmetic?


I would assume that there will be other resolution options than 1920 x 1080p?


Will there be an option to increase and decrease your FOV in game?


Does Outbrk run on Macs?


Will there be different maps to play on some time later?


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