Tarisland – Divine Retribution Priest DPS Guide

Priest DPS Guide

By TheCrux.

Why Play Priest DPS?


  • Great and easy to learn rotation.
  • Rotation still has opportunities for optimization.
  • Really strong burst.
  • Competitive DPS.
  • Able to buff an ally with Pious Faith to grant them ATK and Haste while buffing yourself as well
  • Skills look really cool!
  • Priest also has a great healer-specc.


  • Suffers in AoE below 5 targets.
  • Not great with switching targets, especially when you just applied your Agony Trial.
  • Not the #1 DPS class in the game.
  • Other classes bring buffs for the entire group.


Talents Explained

Level 8:

  • Torment+: Extra DMG on your filler spell.
  • Soul Imprint: Gives you a 3.6%ATK buff with good uptime
  • Combo Spec (Passive): +5% Combo Rate

Level 12:

  • Devotion: Extra Combo-Stat (Only use points here, if you need the Combo to reach a threshold)
  • Redemption: Passive DoT that just ticks for extra DMG
  • Agony: Your next Torment after Agony Trial gains 1 more Faith Sigil

Level 16:

  • Holy Blast+: Extra DMG for your AoE
  • Holy Faith: Your next Torment after Holy Energy gains 3 more Faith Sigil
  • Divine Force: After Holy Missile/Holy Barrage, your next Torment deals extra DMG
  • Strong Faith (Passive): +20% on Torment DMG to get another Faith Sigil. Also every 15 Faith Sigil gained, you get an increased Combo DMG for 5 seconds. The Combo DMG is increased based on your Combo chance.

Level 20:

  • Pain Trial: Moderate burst of DMG on a relatively short CD
  • Ecorcism: Extra DMG on targets below 25%HP (Execute)
  • Soul Inquiry: While Agony Trial is on your Target, Torment/Holy Missile/Holy Barrage deal more DMG

Level 24:

  • Blessing: Pain Trial deals more DMG while Holy Energy is active
  • Holy Missile+: Extra DMG on Holy Missile/Holy Barrage

Level 28:

  • Painful Faith: Increased DMG, and reduced CD for Pain Trial
  • Holy Energy+: Holy Energy increases ComboDMG
  • Agony Trial+: Agony Trial deals more DMG
  • Holy Collaboration (Passive): The DMG of the main projectile of Holy Missile/Barrage is increased by Cooldown-%. Also get a chance to light up a Faith Sigil after Holy Missile/Barrage deals DMG, based on your Cooldown-%.

Level 32:

  • Pain Trial+: If Pain trial lands a Combo, you gain 1 Faith Sigil
  • Holy Surge: Extra DMG on Holy Energy, and Buff lasts longer
  • Holy Extension: Holy Energy increases Omni-% and the direct DMG of your next skill is increased after Holy Energy. The DMG increased is based on your Omni-%.

Level 36:

  • Pious Faith+: Effect of Pious Faith increased by 10% and 2sec extra duration

Level 40:

  • Undying Faith: Chance to recover 1 Faith Sigil after Holy Barrage
  • Faith Sync: Allows you to buff an ally with Pious Faith, while you gain the Buff as well

Getting Talent Points

At level 40 everyone will have 18 Talent Points available. You will also get one extra talent point for completing each of the following activities:

  • Clear Shattered Hall Floor 1
  • Clear the Shattered Hall Floor 5
  • Clear Camp Carlyan (Elite)
  • Clear Library of Chaos (Elite)
  • Clear Merfolk Swamp (Elite)
  • Clear Forest Altar (Elite)
  • Clear Botanical Garden (Elite)
  • Clear Arcane Realm Floor 1
  • Participate in Shadow Witch (Normal)
  • Participate in Shadow Witch (Elite)
  • Defeat Merfolk King (Normal)
  • Defeat Merfolk King (Elite)
  • Get 10 dungeon achievements
  • Get 30 dungeon achievements

Inscription Stone

First Emblem Node

Second Emblem Node

Skip The Center Core Node

Third And Fourth Emblem Nodes

Core Node at The Bottom

Fifth Emblem and Top Core Node

The first and last Core node is worth taking, while the center one is pretty weak in comparison. Skip the first Core node until you unlocked four Emblem slots. Then grab the last Emblem slot and the top Core node. Afterwards you either want to max out the bottom Core node or focus on grabbing the remaining empty Combo and Omni nodes.


In the Inscription Stone skill tree you can unlock a total of 5 Emblem nodes which allow you to insert an Emblem. For DPS you want the following Emblems in that order:

  1. Sprawl
  2. Strive
  3. Burst
  4. Out of Control
  5. Warlike Surge

Each Emblem can only be inserted once. For “Additional Effects” on the Emblems, you want as many “Emblem’s skill level +1” as possible, but if it fits on Combo nodes, “attributes +50” is also great. There is also a low chance to get the effect “Gain a trigger chance bonus equal to 15% of the Crit. Rate or Combo Rate based on specialization”. This effect is a great DMG increase and worth keeping over one or two additional skill level bonuses.

Make sure to upgrade them to further increase the effect of them and on Emblem level 4, 7 and 10 they get another „Additional Effect“. Do not use the Epic versions Emblems listed above for upgrading, but upgrade them separately so you can try to get better rolls on the „Additional Effects“.


  1. Combo
  2. Omni
  3. Cooldown
  4. Intelligence/Focus
  5. Crit
  6. Stamina

We want to get as much Combo as possible, to increase the chance for skills to hit a second time. Our passive talent Divine Retribution supports this, as it increases the damage Combo hits do.As second stat we currently focus on Omni, which is a flat DMG increase on every attack. While Cooldown seems nice and buffs our Holy Barrage DMG through the Holy Collaboration talent, at the current amount of stats, it simply does not compete with Omni.


In general we want to cast Holy Barrage as often as possible, especially when the Agony Trial debuff is active on the enemy. To cast Holy Barrage, we need 5 Faith Sigil.

Generating Faith Sigil

  • Torment = 1 Faith Sigil
  • Agony Trial + Torment = 2 Faith Sigil
  • Holy Energy + Torment = 4 Faith Sigil
  • Agony Trial + Holy Energy + Torment = 5 Faith Sigil


  1. Pious Faith (on ally or self) (There is currently a bug, where you get 2x the effects of Pious Faith if you use it on yourself rather than an ally!)
  2. Torment to 5 Faith Sigil
  3. Agony Trial
  4. Holy Energy
  5. Holy Barrage
  6. Torment
  7. Holy Barrage
  8. Holy Missile
  9. → Filler rotation

Note: If you manage to stack 5 Faith Sigil before the pull, then that is an overall DMG increase and you skip 1. & 4. of the list above.

Start with Pious Faith on yourself or an ally, and build to 5 Faith Sigils, if you have not done that before the pull. Apply Agony Trial (for the 10% DMG buff) and activate Holy Energy. Use Holy Barrage and instantly re-build to 5 Faith Sigils with Torment to follow up with a second Holy Barrage. Fill in a Holy Missile while your burst-window (Agony Trial + Holy Energy)  is still active and then switch to your “Filler rotation”. Cooldowns of Agony Trial and Holy Energy will align every ~30 seconds, which opens up another burst-window.


  1. Torment till 3 Faith Sigil
  2. Agony Trial
  3. Holy Missile
  4. Torment
  5. Holy Barrage

Important: Once Holy Energy is about to come off CD, get yourself ready for another opener (even without Pious Faith)!


  1. Swift Wings or Angelic Feet
  2. Radiant Barrier
  3. Soul Disruption

If a boss does not require an interrupt spell, then take Swift Wings and Angelic Feet and omit Soul Disruption.


I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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