OXENFREE II: Lost Signals – Take Care of Athena Achievement Guide

This comprehensive guide will help you to unlock Take care of Athena achievement.

How to Obtain Take Care of Athena Achievement

You need to be neutral to Jacob. If you’re too kind to him, he wants to do more with his life and be your friend. If you’re cruel to him, apparently he won’t get on the boat, although I haven’t seen that personally so I can’t confirm that’s true.

These are the main things I can remember that I did on my successful attempt:

  1. When he says he remembers you from school, pick, “Okay. We knew each other.”. Lie about why you left Camena.
  2. When you have the option to view his sculpture(s), don’t. He will ask about it later, and you NEED to choose, “I didn’t notice it”.
  3. Whenever you could tell him about your parents or your motivation for doing things, avoid telling him or deflect. I noticed you can ask how HIS parents are doing after he’d already told you they’re dead- Awkward, but hey, deflection.
  4. When he wants to play the One Word Game in the mines, say no.
  5. When he wants to tell a knock knock joke in the ghost town, say no.
  6. When Riley can reveal she’s pregnant, let the dialogue bubble fade away. Do NOT tell him.
  7. When he says you should come back for the view, say you don’t plan on visiting.
  8. When you find the last Adler letter, initially ask him if he wants to talk about it. He then gets quiet and says something like, “Let’s… just move on”. Reply with, “If you insist.”
  9. When at the docks, don’t ask him to stay.
  10. On the boat, tell him creativity is over-rated and being able to fix things is more appreciated.
  11. On the boat, don’t join him in spitting over the side of the boat for good luck.

There are other smaller choices of course, but I think those are the main points?

It could very well be that the only things that matter are the sculpture, the pregnancy, and telling him creativity are overrated on the boat, but I decided to try to be consistent with every bit of dialogue. He did not ask about becoming friends on this play through.

Jacob should pipe up and volunteer to go into the portal as soon as Alex finishes explaining how the portal closing will work. I did give him a hug after choosing him, which did not prevent me from getting the achievement.

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