OXENFREE II: Lost Signals – Hurt Healed Achievement Guide

This definitive guide will help you to unlock Hurt healed achievement.

How to Obtain Take Care of Athena Achievement

Important note: I don’t know how much of this is relevant, I’m just going to put down all the things I theorized would help (and what I did). You may not need all of these steps.

  1. When the teens use channel 3 on the walkie talkie, do not chime in, just listen.
  2. I wanted to be friendly towards Olivia’s friends, while not causing her to be alienated. My reasoning was two fold, it would be a little easier to stop her from tuning the radio at the church, and not alienating her should aid me in becoming friendly with her. On a past play-through when both her friends bailed, I did not get additional dialogue with her at the ghost town. Which leads to the next two points.
  3. Help Violet at the bridge (choose “We’re not moving”, “It’s not your fault”, tell her you want to go home too, and tell her how to leave).
    Yes, she bails on Olivia, but she’s not injured, and she helps you when stopping Olivia’s radio tuning in the church.
  4. Avoid encountering Charlie until you get the information (“advice”) about Charlie having a crush on Olivia from Maria. Walk between areas and keep trying channel 8 until you get it. Then, when you chase and corner him, tell him you know about his crush. Tell him you won’t tell Olivia. Ask “Why not Violet?”. Tell him, “At least you’re honest. Stupid, but honest.”. Using the information about his love for Olivia will skip the hostile interaction between him and Jacob, but Charlie will still defend Olivia.
  5. At the church, I chose “You should be scared, violet” instead of “Leave her alone, Olivia!”. I chose “Go home” towards Charlie when Olivia tells him to use his knife.
  6. I stopped Olivia from tuning the radio at all, then kept the radio. Do not smash it.
  7. After keeping the radio, I picked “What about your parents?”. Ask her, not Charlie. Let her talk. The next dialogue I picked was “What do you believe, Olivia?”.
  8. At the ghost town, I chose “What do you want?” when I answered her call, then “What are you doing in Garland?” I believe I let her talk without replying after that.
  9. I walked around Garland until she called again. I picked “Yess?”, then, “That’s the whole World”, then when she compliments the vest, I picked “Thanks” and “We can still be friends”.
  10. At the Comm tower, I chose, “Olivia? Back away”. When she’s possessed at the portal, I chose “Olivia? Are you..?”
  11. When inside the portal and she drops in, ask if she’s okay. Then pick “I’m sorry, Olivia”. Let dialogue fade until you can choose, “You’d be trapped forever”, and choose that. You can let the rest of the dialogue bubbles fade until it’s time to choose between Jacob and Olivia. Keep waiting until Olivia speaks more. Choose to reply with “Olivia-” which will cause Olivia to tell Riley, “Please, just think about it”

At this point, if you’ve set up things for Take Care of Athena, choose Jacob. If not, you can, in theory, choose Olivia and still have befriended her. Choosing Jacob with the above steps will trigger an ending where Olivia moves 3 states away, but Violet still cares about her, and a conversation between Olivia and a therapist suggests she’s okay although her new town isn’t quite the same and she doesn’t think her friends will forgive her. She acknowledges her actions and that things were her fault.

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