Panzer Killer – How to Fix DirectX Error (Can’t Create Primary Surface)

A quick guide with step-by-step instructions.

DirectX Error Solution

The Problem

Panzer Killer has similar issues as Beachhead 2002. At startup, the game freezes, and when you close it using the Task Manager, the message box may popup saying something like:

“DirectX Error: Can’t create primary surface”

This error is thrown directly by the game, and the reason is the need for something from an older version of DirectX.

Usually in such situations people advise to turn on compatibility mode with earlier versions of Windows. Unfortunately, for ~95% of all cases this is just a placebo, and it probably won’t fix the problem.

The First Solution

What should actually work is downloading and installing the old DirectX. This game needs DirectX 8.0.

Download the archive, unzip it, run the installer and finish the installation. After that, the game should start correctly.

The Second Solution

There is also a second solution to this problem.

  • Unzip the downloaded archive.
  • Move dgVoodooCpl.exe and .dll files from the “MS\x86” to the game folder where the PanzerKiller.exe file is located.
  • Run dgVoodooCpl.exe.
  • Go to DirectX tab to change the screen resolution and disable dgVoodoo watermark.

You can now try to launch the game.

After the first launch of the game, you can try to delete both the .dll files and dgVoodooCpl.exe, since most likely the game needed something from the old DirectX at the very beginning. The latest version of DirectX should now handle the game on its own. Otherwise, do not delete these files.

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