Resident Evil Revelations 2 – How to Change Inventory Key

In this guide i will show you how to change your inventory key from “T” to “Tab”, you can also use this guide to change other greyed-out keybinds.

Guide to Change Inventory Key

Finding the File

  1. Press the windows key and type “%appdata%” and press enter, doing this will open a file called “Roaming”
  2. Go “up” to “AppData”, from here, enter a file called “Local”,then “CAPCOM”, then “RESIDENT EVILREVELATIONS2”.
  3. You should be seeing a single file called “config”.
  4. Open the file.

Editing the File

When you open the file look for “CallInventory=46” without the quotation marks, and change the “46” to “2”, it should look like this:

Side note

The game may tell you that the keybind to skip cutscenes is “T”, it isnt if you changed the keybind to “TAB”, then you skip cutscenes with “TAB”.

Written by Isaias

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