Party Animals – Gameplay Techniques Guide

Some of my techniques I use in Party Animals gameplay.

Gameplay Techniques

Super Heavy Punch

The first, and also one of my most used ones, is what I call the Super Heavy Punch. As the name implies, it’s a much stronger version of the heavy punch, which is done by running, and then pressing the punch button (Default: LMB for mouse & keyboard). One time, I have noticed that combining that with a drop kick can be really powerful!

So here’s how I do it:

Start off by performing a basic heavy punch, then as soon as you do so, perform a drop kick. You should see yourself do the drop kick first, then follow it up with a punch.

The timing is pretty precise, so practice it, and you’ll be well on your way.

As a bonus, the Super Heavy Punch can also be a good mobility option, since with good timing it can send you further than the dodge roll. However, you might wanna be careful on certain maps.

Spinning Dash

Next up, here’s something that’s seems a bit easier. You need to get a two-handed weapon (e.g. hammer, tennis racket, shovel), and as you’re swinging it, perform a drop kick. You will be sent forward while attacking, having the potential of dealing a lot of damage.

The Ram

I don’t think this is the real term for it, but it’s another simple technique. It involves grabbing someone, and just headbutting them. It will almost guarantee a knockout, but you have to be careful not to knock yourself out.

Also, you might have seen some people do it elsewhere, such as in movies, YouTube videos, or even games, so it’s fairly well-known!

Bonus: Absurd Occurances

Now that I have taught y’all some of my skills, I also wanted to point out some strange things that I have seen in quick match.

The Magic Plunger

One time on the Broken Arrow level, I witnessed a player (Ori) get stuck with a plunger by another (I think it was Underbite?) And for some unknown reason, the Ori just started to fly away.

It confused a lot of people, and to me? It was freaking hysterical! I never saw something like that happen before, and I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again.

How I think it happened:

My guess as to how Ori flew away with the plunger is that it was stuck directly on the spot where they could detect the ground, causing the game to get confused and thus, make Ori defy gravity.

The Exploding Bridge

Sometimes when a bomb explodes on Beat-Up Bridge, the level will just freak out, flinging almost everybody off. It surprises me practically every time and, much like the plunger, gets a laugh out of me.

How I think it happened:

I think it has something to do with the ping. And when someone’s connection is bad, the bomb’s explosion has a force on the bridge. So my guess is the higher the ping, the stronger the blast.

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