Cassette Beasts – How to Avoid Hoylake’s Quest

So, you have completed the “On the Hunt” quest for Hoylake, and you wonder: this couldn’t get any worse, right? Well, you’d probably be wrong.

Guide to Avoid Hoylake’s Quest

The Problem

Umm, how about no?

Do you:

  • Want to farm the ranger board quests faster for the achievements?
  • Accidentally wasted your Upgrapes because Hoylake wants to see a 5-star tape ASAP?
  • Prefer to level up your tapes at your own pace, just like I do?
  • Tired of swapping your stored tapes around to do his quests?
  • Get annoyed by his assistant, Dr. Kirby, who teases you with his bootleg fusions?
  • Rather do fusion bounties because it will net you more fused materials and give you a better chance to encounter a bootleg monster?

Maybe you’d think it’s not so bad until you realize you have to record a specific monster again for his quest because you already remastered the tape… Welp, gotta catch ‘em all again, I guess!

Eugh, not again.

The Solution

The solution? Easy; after completing a set of 3 ranger board quests, just save before you check the ranger board again, exit, and reload your save until you get none of Hoylake’s or Dr. Kirby’s nonsense.

Ah, much better.

Just keep in mind that if you have auto-save turned on, your progress will be saved every minute, so be quick about it.

Also, save scumming does not affect the amount of extra fusion material you got for checking the ranger board; it’s completely random, and sometimes you will get more or less depending on your luck.

Happy hunting.

Written by Naomi d'Moon

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