Pentiment – 100% Achievements Walkthrough


Please note that I have organised the 41 achievements in chronological order, but it is not possible to unlock all achievements in a single playthrough. Some achievements require different backgrounds / studies, of which you can only pick one, and some achievements in Act I will lock you out of others. Where applicable, I have noted these instances.


Section Heading

The section within the Act from which these achievements can be unlocked. They are named after the main quest of that day/s.

  • * = Achievements which can only be achieved with a certain Background/Study, chosen near the beginning of the game.

Throughout the Acts

3 Achievements can be obtained outside of specific Acts:

Smell the Roses

  • Interact with 10 different flowers. Can be unlocked from Act II if all flowers in Act I are interacted with.

A Regular Saint Francis

  • Pet 5 different animals. Can be unlocked from Act II if all animals in Act I are petted.

Art of Persuasion

  • Pass 5 dialogue checks.

Act I

19 achievements can be unlocked in this Act. After Day 1, the majority can be tackled in any order, though I have tried to list them in a logical sequence.

Please note that at the end of this Act, there are two achievements (Good Graces and Andreas Non Grata). One of which will always be unlocked on your first playthrough, depending on how your treat the abbot. Both cannot be obtained in the same playthrough. Multiple Act I achievements (Nosy Fella and Legal Eagle) will also lock you out of the Good Graces achievement.

A Few More Pages

Simple Soul

  • In the abbey’s Scriptorium, help Illuminata collect the books. Convince her to give you the third book. In order to pass the dialogue check, you must enthusiastically agree to help her and choose dialogue options which speak positively of books and the church. If prompted, promise you will take the book far away from the church. Both the Bookworm and Orator traits can help pass the checks.

Cryptic Solutions

  • Visit the Crypt in the abbey, and investigate the key on the marble relief at the end of the room.

The Flood

Legal Eagle* (1/2)

  • Can only be obtained with the Imperial Law area of study chosen. Complete chores for Ottilia, who can be found in her house by Bauer Farm. After the chores, examine the letter she asks you to look at and explain the legal fineprint to her. The remainder of this achievement will take place later during the conversation with Jacob Estler. Note: This achievement with lock you out of the Good Graces achievement.

Nosy Fella*

  • Can only be obtained with the Rapscallion background. Attend the autopsy, and hide when Werner enters. Come to Florian’s defense and demand Werner apologise to him. When prompted, headbutt Werner. Note: This achievement will lock you out of the Good Graces achievement.

Quick Fingers

  • Follow The Spinning Bee quest, and talk to Johan on the farm to begin the wool spinning minigame. Draft the wool x3, then spin x3. Doing so quick enough with unlock this achievement.

Good Influence

  • Speak to Paul, who is most often found outside the Mill. Encourage him to keep drawing when prompted.

Kiss Zdena

  • Visit the Library at night via the Crypt. When prompted after a cutscene, choose to remain in the Library whilst remaining hidden. When Zdena finds you in the morning, choose the flirty dialogue options to accept her advances. Note: I believe that remaining in the library and ultimately being caught by Illuminata will lock you out of the Good Graces achievement, but need confirmation.

Like a Record Baby

  • Follow the Occult Hands quest. Examine the cipher found in the Scriptorium and find the information to crack it by talking to Doctor Werner (North Town) or breaking into the Library at night. Enter the Prior House in the abbey and solve the volvelle.


  • Share a meal with Sebhat. He can be found at the abbey cloister, and this achievement will unlock towards the end of the cutscene.

The Root of the Problem

  • Speak to Wojslav in the abbey kitchen and pass the dialogue check to allow you to enter the kitchen cellar. Speaking of Piero highly and having defended him previously against the abbot will help pass this check.

Grave Matters*

  • Can only be obtained with the Logician field of study. After completing the volvelle cipher (Like A Record Baby achievement), examine the grave in the abbey courtyard. Speak to Gernot, who can be found in the Large Garden or Abbot House to let you dig up the grave. In order to successfully pass the check, you must have been polite with him and not been caught autopsying the body, or otherwise disobeying his orders.

The Archdeacon’s Investigation

Hot Goss

  • During the conversation with Jacob, bring up Ferenc as a potential suspect and mention his correspondence with the Baron. This can be done by having investigated the Occult Hands quest and finding the letter and/or the rubbing of the letter in the Prior House.

Legal Eagle* (2/2)

  • During the conversation with Jacob, bring up Otallia as a potential suspect. Mention the letter she received and convince Jacob Estler to stop the foreclosure proceedings in order to save her home.

4X Secret Achievement (The Stonemason, The Widow, The Prior, The Nun)

  • There is one achievement for accusing each of the four suspects. It is possible to investigate all four leads within a single playthrough. Once you have accused one of the suspects and unlocked the achievement, exit and reload the game in order to do so for the other three.

Good Graces

  • End Act I in the abbot’s favor. In order to unlock this achievement you must have been polite with Gernot throughout, not spoken up at the dinner with the Baron, not been seen autopsying the body or punching/headbutting Werner – in general, having meddled very little with abbey affairs.

Andreas Non Grata

  • End Act I out of the abbot’s favor. This can be obtained in multiple ways; by choosing negative dialogue options with Gernot, being seen by Werner attending the autopsy, digging up the grave without Gernot’s permission, speaking out at the dinner with the Baron etc.

The Baron

  • Automatically unlocks at the end of Act I.

Act II

14 achievements can be unlocked during this Act.

Paying Respects

Room Service

  • Complain to Niko at The Golden Hand about your room.


  • Speak to Endris, the blacksmith who is usually found in the Town Commons. Encourage him to talk to the girl at the market.

Saint John’s Eve

A Fateful Sausage (1/2)

  • Visit the cellar within the abbey kitchen and feed the cat the sausage. The achievement itself will be completed and unlocked during Act III.

Another Murder

The Cornish Patient

  • After visiting the monks in the Library and talking with Florian, speak with Gertrude in the Convent Garden. Investigate near the St Santia shrine in the Forest to find the yellow gentian. Bring it back to Gertrude and after a segment of time has passed, collect the medicine from her and deliver it to Aedoc in the Library.

High Roller

  • Win everyone’s money at Lansquenet whilst investigating the lead at The Golden Hand. While the Rapscallion background is not required, it can make getting this achievement a lot quicker and easier. Exit and reload the game in order to get the Down to the Last Pfennig achievement as well.

Down to the Last Pfennig

  • Lose all of your money at Lansquenet whilst investigating the lead at The Golden Hand. Exit and reload the game in order to get the High Roller achievement as well.

Should Have Seen the Other Guy*

  • Can only be obtained with the Rapscallion background. Investigate the lead at The Golden Hand. Once all interactions are exhausted and the cutscene has played, choose to start punching. When prompted, sucker punch.

Among Us

  • Speak with Brigita at Martin Bauer Farm about her husband. Choose the more kind and truthful dialogue options in order to pass a dialogue check. Alternatively, speak to Werner during The Golden Hand investigation. Downplay your own knowledge/achievements whilst mentioning his to help you pass the check. With the information he gives you, you can confront Martin directly.

The Penitent Man

  • Investigate the lead at the Church in town. After the cutscene, complete your penance.

The Deer Hunter

  • Pursue the lead at the Mill with Lenhardt and accept his offer to go hunting. Shoot the deer – aim slightly upwards in order to hit it. If you miss, you can exit and reload the game. Exit and reload in order to achieve The Hand of Mercy achievement.

The Hand of Mercy

  • Pursue the lead at the Mill with Lenhardt and accept his offer to go hunting. Don’t shoot the deer – you must not shoot at all, as opposed to shooting and missing. Exit and reload in order to achieve The Deer Hunter achievement.

Soldiers Approach

3X Secret Achievement – (The Embezzler, The Imposter, The Adulteress)

  • There is one achievement for accusing each of the three suspects. It is possible to investigate all three leads within a single playthrough. Once you have accused one of the suspects and unlocked the achievement, exit and reload the game in order to do so for the other two.

Vis Major

  • Automatically unlocks at the end of Act II.


There are 5 achievements to unlock in Act III, all of which can be obtained in a single play-through without exiting and reloading the game.

Tassing’s Early History

The Second Plague

  • When learning more about the town, speak to Artemis and Apollo in the forest. Convince Artemis to tell you the details of their plan.

Look Before you Climb

  • Following on from The Second Plague achievement, speak to Artemis and Apollo again after completing their request. This will trigger a cutscene, and the achievement.

Christian Tassing

A Fateful Sausage (2/2)

  • After talking with Mother Franziska and entering the convent, enter the abbey. At one point, you will spot some cats. During The Revolt of 1525 section of this Act (Christmas Eve), speak to Wojslav in The Golden Hand to unlock the achievement.

The Revolt of 1525

Cookie Master

  • Help cut cookies at The Golden Hand. Make sure you cut a few of every shape, and use all the dough in order to make as many as possible. Once you have clicked ‘Done’, this achievement will trigger. If you haven’t cut enough to unlock the achievement, you can redo the mini-game.

Manu Propria

  • Automatically unlocks at the end of Act III.

Useful Tips

  • Start Chill, Then Decide: In Act I, just go with the flow. Use this time to figure out if you’re here for the main story or the extra spice of side quests.
  • Talk Before Committing: Chat up everyone before doing time-consuming stuff. The big-time sinks usually involve grub or have an “I’ll pass for now” option.
  • Choose Wisely: Those special dialogue options with icons? Not always the best choice. Read the room and think before you speak.
  • Tab’s Your Friend: Press Tab to open the glossary for underlined terms, so you don’t accidentally skip ahead. It’s a lifesaver.
  • Feel Out the Room: No clear way to tell if someone will dig what you’re saying. Pay attention to their vibes and responses.
  • Backgrounds Add Color: Picking background-related dialogue adds depth but doesn’t guarantee wins. First playthrough? Don’t sweat pleasing everyone.
  • Explore, Then Progress: Each act, talk to everyone before moving on. “Takes time” means you’re heading to the next part, so be ready.
  • Ignore the Jargon: Don’t get hung up on regional terms. They’re just for flavor.
  • Backgrounds Don’t Block Paths: Your background spices things up but doesn’t lock you out of important stuff. Except, knowing French helps once.
  • Pick a Suspect: Too many suspects, not enough time. Follow your gut and focus on one, maybe two, but that’s pushing it.

Video Walkthrough

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  1. I got the “Hot Goss” achievement after i told the investigator about the stonemason as a potential suspect. I hadn´t investigated the guy at all, so i only had vague speculations to offer.

  2. You can get A Regular St. Francis as early as Act 1. You need to pet Schlau (the cat at the meadows I believe), Mausfanger (the cat at the Convent), Lenhardt’s dog (the dog at the mill), the abbot’s dog (can be found near/in the Abbot’s house by the Large Garden), and Lady Salomea’s dog (can be found at the Guest House when she arrives)

  3. hi! is it possible to get “Grave Matters” as well as ending the game in the abbot’s favour in one playthrough?
    I see that for one you cant speak at the baron’s dinner, shouldnt be caught at the autopsy whereas for the other I have to argue with Gernot, be seen at the autopsy and speak out at the dinner

    • yes it’s possible to get both Grave Matters and Good Graces in the same playthrough! Since getting the Grave Matters achievement means going through Gernot, so you’re not doing it behind his back and are still in his favour.

      Also to clarify for Good Graces, you need to do all those things you listed, but it’s a lot easier to fall out of favour with the abbot as by just doing one of those actions (eg being caught at the autopsy) means you will fall out of Gernot’s favour.

  4. Oh wow! Thank you so much! I finished yesterday the game but I still have some achievements to do. Maybe I will do a 2nd run of the game.

  5. For whatever reason, the dialogue with Wojslav didn´t mention cats. So the achievement “A fateful sausage” didn´t trigger for me…
    I did feed the cat in Act 2 and i did pet the cat in the abbey in Act 3

  6. You can get “The Root of the Problem” without passing the dialogue check as long as you know about Wojslav and Matilda. Not sure what the minimum requirements are, but it definitely suffices to

    i) have heard about them at dinner with Smokey and Vaclav, and
    ii) have investigated the library.

    I would suspect that only the knowledge of the affair is needed.

  7. Just to let you know that you CAN kiss Zdena, get caught by Illum, and still get the Good Graces achievement.

  8. You can get the Grave Matters achievement if you don’t pick the logician background, just don’t argue with Piero being accused, don’t debate the baron, and lie that you haven’t been investigating the abbey.

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