Phantom Brigade – Save Game Editing Guide (Simplistic)

A guide that explains how to make you able to pick all salvage from a mission and getting max supplies the game allows.

How to Edit Save Game

What You Need

You need someway to edit .yaml files, “Notepad++” is good program for that.

You also need a way to open .zip files, “7zip” is a decent option.

Now your set, next step, editing.

Time for Editing…

First, you need to have a save game, so go play for a bit, once you have a bit of downtime, save the game, and remember to give the save game a simple name. Like “Clown soup”. For instance.

It’s unique enough that it’s easy to find (For this guide, I’ll assume you gave the save game that name).

Navigate to ” C:\ Users\ ****\ AppData\ Local\ PhantomBrigade\ Saves\ Clown Soup “.

Open the “Content.Zip”.

The “difficulty.yaml” Is rather explanatory, but lets edit at least 2 values here for our benefit.

Change the following settings to 99.0:

  • combat_salvage_budget_defeat
  • combat_salvage_budget_victory

This’ll allow you to take all items from the battle field, either when you get defeated or win.

Save the file and update the “” (You may need to exit Notepad++) for the zip to get updated.

Next we gonna set our supplies/salvage value to 10.000 (MAX as far as I have seen in the game…).

Open “” again and then open “OverworldEntities” and look for “squad_mobilebase.yaml”, and open that file.

Scroll down just a little bit till you see something like:

  supplies: #
    battery: ###
    repair_juice: ###
    supplies: ###

Note: I replaced the numbers with # in this example, as the values will most likely be different from my game to your game.

Now set “Supplies” value to 11000 (Seriously, there is no point in going nuts with a lot of 9s, the game seems to cap the amount at 10.000. Maybe max amount will change with upgrades, later on?)

Save the file, close Notepad++, If using 7zip, it should now ask you if you would like to update/overwrite the edited file, just click yes.

You CAN update “metadata.yaml” to reflect the new amount of supplies you got, but there is no point.



There might be more fun things you can edit in the save file, such as the bonuses the weapons / mech parts has. I have not tried that, not really interested to try either.

I mean, once you have taken over 3-4 territories, you should have both Uncommon and Rare supplies.

Once you do, just save game edit yourself to 10k of each, now just go upgrade your base.

Then go build some rare body parts for your mechs, and kick some cake or something.

You’ll be zipping around the map in no time. And hey, if the overheating stuff is annoying, just change the difficulty settings to some outrageous values to benefit yourself, and have more fun.

Setting overheat to only 10% is effectively the same as turning it off. You can rapid fire and dash about without worry of overheating. Ever.

Go experiment.

This does not seem to disable achievements either, sooo… have fun?

I know I am have loads of fun!

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  1. materials are capped at a mere 100 go to
    Phantom Brigade\Configs\DataDecomposed\Resources
    go to
    change 100 to 999999 done

    • Don’t edit game files.
      But yes, you can change the limit that way, but not recommended. Mods is the way to go. And achievements aren’t disabled with mods.

  2. If you want to add blueprints to your workshop you can actually do that really easily. If you look under where you edit resources there should be a section called “charges”. You just need to add the corresponding file name to the list. There is a number after which I have set to 1 and it works. The names for all the workshop items can be found in “Phantom Brigade\Configs\DataDecomposed\Workshop\Projects”. Follow the format already there. The name will be the corresponding file name without the “.yaml” extension.

    The list is about 90ish entries. There are a few entries related to base upgrades that you should ignore, they are towards the end and blatantly obvious.

  3. I think the core edit actually just changes the workshop production level. Its the province level listed plus number of captured provinces. The initial score after the tutorial is 3. That would be the province you have captured plus the number 2 from that province value. So if you wanted to start at level 20 you would enter 19.

    I don’t think it changes the enemies. I went to the next zone and they had equipment in the 2-3 range generally speaking. There were a fair number of enemies in one encounter however so your mileage may vary. Also it might update them at some point to be super soldiers. Haven’t had that happen but fair warning.

  4. In core.yaml there is a line called “baseprovincelevel” changing it seems to allow you to craft higher level gear in the workshop. That being said I haven’t tested it yet so it might reset itself. The wording also makes me suspicious that it might mess with other stuff. I suspect that changing it might result in really high level enemy mechs, I have not tested this theory yet. I figured someone might find this information useful and decided to throw it in here.

    Also if you don’t want to use a mod to change the limit you can change the associated game files in “Phantom Brigade\Configs\DataDecomposed\Resources” just open the corresponding resource name.

  5. Now I know why I was failing.

    It was just a mistake in operation.

    The video did not EXTRACT the file, just opened it directly.

    I thought I was supposed to EXTRACT the file, change it in notepad, and then COMPRESS it back to its original zipped state.

  6. I followed the guide as is and tried changing the save data, but it won’t load.

    The possibility is that I may have simply made some mistake,

    but it is also possible that the developer has altered the data so that it cannot be changed,

    so I would like to ask you to try the guide to see if it is still possible to do things the way it is in the guide, just to be sure.

    • figured it out, using 7zip on certain versions of windows 10 fucks it up. you need to change settings on 7zip.

      from the top go to Tools>Options>Editor and add the file path of note++.exe on the view line and editor line.

      or use winrar

      should fix the issue of making the file save unreadable.

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