Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – Car Detailing 101

In this guide I will explain how you can use all the place-able lights to add small details to your car such as, antennas, exhaust pipes, hood locks and more!

Car Detailing Guide

The Basics

Before you even start to think about detailing, there are a few key things you need to know.

  1. There is a limit of 10 parts you can place on a car.
  2. You can rotate parts by holding down right click (RMB) and moving your mouse.
  3. These parts can become expensive fast, 10 light bars can cost you 30k!
  4. Light parts do not have collisions so if they hit a wall it will just clip right through.

Exhaust Pipes

By adding two light bars to the underside of the car you can create the illusion of an exhaust pipe. You can use either the long or short light bar depending on what size exhaust you want.

I recommend first trying this on cars with only single exhaust pipes as doing dual exhausts, as shown in the image below, will be a struggle to get right immediately!

This will cost you anywhere from $2k to $12k + depending on what exhaust style you go for.

Cost for above image – $6,000


This is probably my favourite mod to do as it is so easy and adds so much detail to the car. To add an antenna to your car you first need to buy a small led light strip and take it over to where you want to place it on your car. You then must rotate the led light strip so that it is pointing up and out of the car.

A tip for this mod is to have the side where the led’s be pointing in the direction you will see it least, this way it won’t break the illusion on an antenna!

This will cost you anywhere from $1k to $2k depending on what length of antenna you want!

Cost for above image – $1,000

Hood Locks

To put hood locks on a car you must first buy 2 small light bars, after purchasing both light bars head over to your vehicle where you will need to rotate your light bar in a way so that only the end of the bar is seen through the hood.

This adds only a small amount of detail however small details is what makes a build come together!

This will cost you $4k for both light bars in total!

Cost for above image – $4,000

Fuel Cap

By buying any of the 3 circle lights for sale and rotating it in towards the car you can create a part that looks like a gas / fuel cap.

This is a cheap modification and can just add that little bit of realism to the cars especially at car meets or photo-shoots at gas stations!

This will cost you exactly $1k.

Cost for above image – $1,000

Quick Tips

  1. Cars like the panther and spider, etc have or can have no roof. This allows you to put lights or other interior mods inside the car!
  2. Be patient. You wont always get the position / rotation of the piece you want exactly right first try
  3. To eliminate waste, store extra parts in cars with storage areas. For example the kira flat bed can have 2 storage boxes which are perfect for storing extra lights!
  4. Do all customisation at either the dealer at seo-gui or gu-jwa in a single-player server so you have all the tools you need at your disposal whilst having no player interruptions

That’s All For Now

Now that you’ve learned a few customisation tips I hope you put ’em to good use!

There are hundreds of things you can do with these little lights so go and try some things like custom diffusers for your cars or innovate and find something I haven’t even thought of!

Be sure to let others know of this guide and I hope you have a good day!

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