Planet S – Guide to Buildings and Productions (Tier 2)

In this guide I´ll show you how to keep progressing after reaching tier 2. Its an advanced guide and I expect that you are already familiar with basic city building and trade routes. If you are not, I´ll recomend you read the guides about those topics first. Before reading this you should try to do it on your own and just use this as help.

Buildings and Productions Guide

Iron and Steel

The first new resources you should focus on are coal, iron and steel.

Coal and iron can be mined from the resource deposits which can be found around the green planets.

With that in hands you can go on and build an iron smeltery.

Like i said in my first guide you should watch the production time carefully.

Now you just need to build a steelworks and thats it for your steel production.

Dump the Enviroment

With your already build coal mines, you can power up some coal plants.

Which will be more usefull then the windmills and should keep you from energy shortage.

The coal plant again has its own production time, so be aware on how many you should place.

Juicy Juicy

To satisfy the developers/mechanics you will need to get them some sweet juice.

For that you need to build a juicer, a fruit- and sugar beet farm.

Again its important to place some fields around your farms.

With that being done you will stablelise your income/balance.

More Food

After getting your juice production done you should work on a bakery and buildings you will need for it.

Place a wheat farm and mill, a oat milk farm (devs) and a bakery.

Dont forget to place the fields around the farms.

It is again important to watch the production times of your buildings.

Last But Not Least

At the end you should build a holo/smartphone factory.


For the holodecks you will need sand and copper.

Sand can be gathered from the coastline.

But for copper you will need to get to another planet.

Colonize a sand planet and set up a trade route to get the copper to your main planet.

Check on the trade route guide if you need help with that one.

After getting copper and sand you need to make glass and semiconductors out of it.

If you have it all together you will be able to produce your first holodecks.


The only difference between the holodeck and smartphone production is that one use sand and the other use oil to build one of the parts.

So if you go with mechanics you need to get some oil instead of sand.

Luckily there should be an oil pool on your starting planet.

Now you just need to get copper from another planet and build a semiconductor manufacturer and a polymere fabricator.

And with that done you have made it through tier 2 and will be ready to take on the world.

Written by Mad Max


    • Like you colonized the first one
      Only thing new is you need to load resources on a ship
      50 bricks and 30 steel should do fine

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