Planet S – How to Increase Your Income (Early Game)

In this guide I´ll show you how to increase your income in Planet S. It will only show you how to earn some credits and get a positive income right at the start, after that you are on your own. The guide starts right after you settle on a planet so if you dont know how to do that you should read that guide first.

Guide to Increase Your Income

The Start of a New Colony

Right after you settle on your first planet you might notice that your credits are getting sucked into an endless void.

You can check on your incoming/outgoing credits when hovering over the balance specification in the right bottom corner of your minimap.

Almost every building will take some of your balance away, seen as balance symbole while hovering over a building in the build menu.

So after placing your city center you should just go ahead and build some residences and vegetable farm.

Clothes for the Workers

After stabilising the vegetable production you need to build a workwear production.

This will make your workers more happy and will also attract new workers to settle in your residences.

As you can see this even increases your income a little bit.

The Ultimate Happiness

The last step is to get enough workers to unlock the pub.

The pub will increase your workers happiness to 100% (if you have enough vegetables and workwear too) and will attract even more workers to join in the residences.

With that done you balance should be positive and you can keep going building bigger cities.

But dont forget to increase your income with building more workers and give them all they need to fulfill their needs.

The happier the workers areand the more workers you have, the more income you will get.

Written by Mad Max

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