POSTAL Brain Damaged – All Secret & Poster Locations (Duskstar)

This guide is to help those find the secrets and posters of the fourteenth level, Duskstar.

Locations of All Secrets & Posters

Secret #1: Target Door

You are now at the Duskstar, lair of the elusive Leon Dusk.

Continue to play through the level, though be wary as the groups of enemies are tougher here.

Soon you shall come across Leon Dusk’s first monologuing in this room.

Before you grapple up, go around the room and you will see a target under where you were just standing. Shoot it until it’s green as shown in the picture.

Grapple your way onto the next platform, there will be a few elevators and a locked door with four symbols above it. Look above one of the grapple rings, there will be a target far away, so make sure to use an accurate weapon to hit it.

Next, focus your attention on the precariously placed pile of boxes. Jump on them to jump onto the ledge under the futuristic window.

Keep walking on the edge and you should stumble upon this target. Shoot it like the others.

While staying at the same spot, turn around and look upwards. You should see a very high target, shoot it then return back to the door with the symbols above it.

If you have done the task correctly, all the lights above the door will be green which means that you can now enter through it.

There will be an Ammo Box powerup waiting for you in the middle of the room.

Poster #1: Mobile Battle Goober

Next you will fight through hordes of enemies.

I highly advise you to watch out for the Storm Pooper as they can destroy your health quickly.

You’ll make it up to a room with a single Storm Pooper and two circuits that you need to pee on.

On the right side of the entrance, this poster will be on the wall.

Poster #2: Duskstar

Immediately after you piss on both circuits, drop down and take the door on your left.

You should be in this room.

Go to the left side first and you should see this poster on the wall.

Secret #2: Health Pipes

You will eventually make your way into this zero gravity room.

Leon Dusk will say a monologue line as a typical villain.

For this secret, you will need to go straight down.

The room will loop as you continue to descend with your farts.

You’ll need to loop at least 3 times for these 3 lovely Health Pipes to appear at the bottom.

Secret #3: Doom Room

Alright, I recommend you get the Health Pipes secret first because this secret will take far longer to do. The saving grace is that the secret is in the same room and much more entertaining.

Simply just keep going up.

Eventually, a blue screen will appear to dissuade you from doing this repetitive task.

Like in previous Postal games, we can totally disregard the screens’ warning and keep doing it.

Absolutely no matter what it says, go up.

You will eventually drive it insane as shown here.

Go towards the screen and you shall be teleported into this room.

You’ll collect a Double Akimbo powerup as well as a juicy surprise.

Poster #3: Xeno-♥♥♥♥

Soon, you’ll make it to this room in which you can activate both elevators.

You’ll first want to take the elevator that goes up.

After taking the elevator, you will come across this room with an Illuminati and 4 Lizard Dudes.

There is also a Star Wars easter egg if you want to see it for yourself.

On the room’s rightside near the rightmost Lizard Dude pillar, the poster will be on the wall.

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