POSTAL Brain Damaged – All Secret & Poster Locations (Search For The Cure)

This guide is to help those find the secrets and posters hidden in eighth level, Search For The Cure.

Locations of All Secrets & Posters

Secret #1: Crack Pipe

Progress through the level as normal, there’s not much in terms of secrets and posters here.

Eventually you will need to do a Hot Sauce fountain puzzle again and be led into an area of zombies and grapple rings.

Once you see this item named Quick Pillz, pay attention to the right of it and try not to fall off the edge unless you want to fight some enemies.

You should see an opening, so walk on through until you see a delicious pipe of Crack.

Congrats, you got the first secret!

Secret #2 / Poster #1: 5G Tower

Progress the game until you reach a bridge.

Once you walk far enough, the bridge will collapse and you will be dropped into a river.

Fight against the current or move around it to reach this waterfall.

Enter it to unlock the secret as well as getting the first poster.

Poster #2: Clown Elemental

Move your way through the river and onto land. Eventually you will get to the high ground and be facing many enemies.

There is a specific group of enemies and civilians surrounding a roasted pig.

The poster should be near on a wall.

Secret #2: Under the Bridge

Navigate your way up until you reach the other side of the bridge that collapsed on you.

Try to drop down on a ledge that is to the right of the bridge. You should see a small cave here.

Crouch to enter this cave to find a Crack Pipe and rocket ammo.

Poster #3: Search for the Cure

Continue onwards until you see an Illuminati circle.

Behind one of the pyramid rocks will be a poster.

Secret #4 / Poster #4: Zeta Reticuli Gray Trash

Starting from the Illuminati circle, take the path on the right.

You will need to use the Shovel to cut down the tree for a path.

Grapple and fight your way through the aliens until you see this UFO.

Grapple onto the UFO and jump on the roof of it. There will be protruding red branches.

Walk on the longer red branch then slide jump off of it onto a ledge.

From there, you should see this cave to unlock the secret as well as get the poster here (I wish you could take the purple one too, but whatever).

Secret #5: UFO Tunnel

Continue to play through the UFO section where you will be killing a lot of aliens.

Eventually you will be in a duct and will need to drop down to use a grapple.

Once you grappled onto land, turn around and use the shotgun’s grapple again to reach the hidden ledge.

You will unlock the secret and be able to collect some loot. You will be led back into the UFO if you continue to go through the path.

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