Power & Revolution 2022 Edition – Cheat Codes

Here you can find list of all workable cheats in the Power & Revolution 2022 Edition game.

Guide to Cheats

How to Do?

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

An interface will open and you will invite the following codes paying attention to the capital letters at the beginning and the exclamation point “!”.

  • Iamthearchitect! – 7 days maximum for all constructions.
  • Trustmeyeswecan! – All parties, organizations, etc.
  • Nelsonmandelapower! – All the countries of the world love you.
  • Mypeoplelikeme! – 10% increase in popularity.
  • Whereismyslushfund! – Increases the state budget, bringing growth to more than 100% (maximum 900%).
  • Alberteinsteinisalive! – Longer term technological research is considerably reduced.
  • Helpmepresidentwashingsky! – Can not lose the game, however, the break is no longer available.
  • Itoldyou2012wastheend! – The game is over, be careful to freeze slightly.
  • Ihopetheywillnotputschme! – Add 100 units to 5 stars.
  • Welovetheworld! – Makes other nations like you.
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