PowerWash Simulator – Ulysses the Cat’s Whereabouts Guide

Gosh dang it! On top of all the gnomes spying on you and plotting their diabolical schemes, the mayor’s cat, Ulysses, is running amok! Luckily, I’ve pin-pointed the cat’s whereabouts throughout town.

Guide to Ulysses the Cat’s Whereabouts


Below you are photos, or, as they say, screenshots of clues about where the mayor’s cat, Ulysses, is at. You can try to find these clues on your own if you want.

Also, keep this in mind: When content-updates get released, new clues may appear in the currently-available levels, and old ones may even disappear! Of course, there’s no telling what may happen in the future.

Backyard (213, Walnut Street, Muckingham)

The first time you find the cat, it’s resting on the shed. But it’ll eventually get up and take off, never to be seen again… for this job, at least. First off, what the soap buckets was it doing up there? The shed’s roof is very dirty, and yet as it takes off, the cat isn’t the least bit dirty! Is Ulysses dirt-proof or something?

Bungalow (113 Apple Avenue, Muckingham)

There it is again! Now, if only there were civilians nearby that can take notice of Ulysses…

Playground (Muckingham Recreation Ground)

Ulysses most likely excels in jumping; these are the only prints I’ve found at the playground.

Detached House (212 Acacia Avenue, Muckingham)

Paw prints are on this pathway, but they stop as soon as the hit the grass. Also, there’s no paw prints on the driveway, indicating that the cat went towards the street whilst staying in the grass. Don’t question it, cats do that all the time.

Shoe House (Great River County National Park)

It’s hard to see, but there’s a missing poster on that tree over there.

Vintage Car (212 Acacia Avenue, Muckingham)

So, if you leave paw-prints on a vintage car, does that make the paw-prints vintage as well? And before you ask, no, it didn’t leave any dirty prints on the ground. Maybe the car was moved here after the prints were made?

Grandpa Miller’s Car (113 Apple Avenue, Muckingham)

Ulysses must be very good at walking if it’s able to leave prints on metal covered in moss… again, no prints on the ground besides the car. Perhaps Ulysses sneaks into people’s garages?

Skatepark (Muckingham Recreation Ground)

Tree House (Great River County National Park)

Here’s a closer look at the poster. I know this might look like we’re at the Shoe House, but I can assure you, parts of the national park look very identical to each other. That’s what makes this park so fascinating. I mean, it’s not like the place was copy-pasted. Certainly not!

Frolic Boat (Jefferson Manor, Jefferson Avenue)

According to these footprints, Ulysses climbed onto the boat’s canopy from one side, and climbed off from another side halfway through. Is it possible that Ulysses is looking for something, but didn’t find it here?

Ferris Wheel


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