Prison Simulator – Plot Item Locations, Pin Codes and Passwords

Wondering where are the fuses in Prison Simulator? Or perhaps can’t find the hidden passage in the morgue? This is the guide for you!

Guide to Item Locations, Pin Codes and Passwords

Fuse Locations – Power Outage

The missing fuse will spawn randomly in one of 3 locations:

  • Infirmary

On the ground near the desk.

  • Workshop

On the ground between one of the wood stacks and supply cabinets.

  • Canteen

On the floor between the tables.

“Special Spices” Location – Disgusting Lunch

The “special spices” are located at the edge of one of the tables in the kitchen.

Warden’s Computer Password and Important File Location

There is no way to access the warden’s profile before you reach level 13 and a certain plot event occures.


You will gain access to the warden’s PC through a hacking kit that you will acquire from one of the prisoners during the “White business” quest.

Once you’re on the warden’s desktop, the file you need in order to advance the plot is a map of our prison with a secret room marked on it. The file is named “nothing_at_all” and is located in the recycle bin.

Hidden Passage & Pin Code – White Business

“Search the morgue to find the secret passage”

In the morgue find the “Morgue Safety” poster to the left of the supply cabinet. Behind it there will be a pin-code panel. Notice how only one digit looks used and worn – that is the only clue you need to crack the code.

Solution: 1111

After entering the correct code the cabinet will slide over revealing a secret entrance.

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