Kill It With Fire – Basement Secret Combination Guide

This is just a little secret about the black light that might help you find the puzzle pieces to the basement vault code faster.

Guide to Basement Secret Combination

Basic Info

The black light travels forever, which makes searching much easier. This means that you can shine the light at a wall on the other side of the map from you and if a puzzle piece is there, it will be uncovered. You don’t need to actually see the black light on the wall for it to work, unlike how it may seem.

Extra Info

This makes searching much, much easier, because you don’t need to methodically search large areas very close to the wall surfaces.

You can just go to the middle of the room, do a sweep along the walls from a distance (more distance also means more spread of the light), and uncover any secrets more easily instead of being super close to things and losing sight of the larger picture.

I noticed that when I got too close to walls, I tended to miss things more often until I realized I could back up and look for the puzzle from farther away in the big picture.

This is even more useful on the larger maps where things are more open instead of being completely close quarters.

For instance, in Major Inconvenience, I found my puzzle piece on the outside wall of the store by shining the light on it from the opposite side of the parking lot.

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