Project Warlock II – All Level 1 Secrets Guide

Guide to All Secrets (Level 1)

Secret 1

Right at the start, there’s a button that opens door in your back.

Secret 2

Second secret is a bit useless, but please follow the red arrows.

Secret 3

At the beginning just beside the red door, there is a red button.

Secret 4

Inside the toilet, there is a button that open I don’t know what, but it unlock a secret.

Secret 5 & 6

2 secrets in one.

Secret 5

In the room where you get the blue key, you can see a blocked door.

Go back to the button that opened the door, press it to close it and hurry up to enter before the door closes! And suprise!

Secret 6

Keep walking in the corridor and you will break the wall behind the golden armor to unlock another secret.

Secret 7

The room where there are 3 yellow windows, shoot the left window.

Secret 8

In this room with the computer if you look back behind the wall, there is a target to shoot and it will open a hidden door!

Secret 9

Shoot the yellow window!

Secret 10

Shoot the cracked wall.

Secret 11

That little armor right there is a secret! So pick it up!

Secret 12

That corridor with the door, be careful when you walk because the floor will collapse.

Jump over the hole and the secret will be at the end on the right.

Secret 13

There is a duct that seems to be empty, but if you look up there will be a secret target to shoot!

It will open one bar the other side for the last secret.

Secret 14&15 (Bestiary + Square in Corner + Nightmare Reaper Character)

Secret 14

When you fall into the duct, just outside, it will have 2 columns. The right one at the back has a hidden button.

Press it, it will open a door on your right! inside you will find the Square in the corner and a Bestiary!

Secret 15

In the same room there is a hidden button behind the wall.

This will open the fence in the bottom of the duct, go inside, jump him and you will unlock a secret and the Nightmare Reaper Character.


  1. I’m missing one secret

    I’ve pressed the red button but what does it open? and I know I’ve gotten every secret besides that one

  2. Vielen dank, hatte nur 5 gefunden. Hatte auf PS4 im Ersten Teil keine Probleme mit den secrets aber hier ist alles ein wenig anderes. Extra Helpful

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