The Planet Crafter – Guide to Butterflies and Other Insects

This guide talks about Butterflies and other things which can be obtained from larvae.

Butterflies and Other Insects

Forms of Insects

An insect can be in one of three forms:

  • A larva: long wriggling thing.
  • A chrysalis: long thing, does not wriggle, different colour for each breed.
  • A mature insect: You can see the wings. It will be flying around, or in a display case.

Not all insects can be seen in all forms in the game.

Where to Find Them

Here’s how you can get each of the butterflies:

These breeds can be incubated from larvae you find:

  • Incubate a common larva : Azurae, Empalio, Leani, Galaxe, Fensea, Abstreus.
  • Incubate an uncommon larva: Bee, Silk Worm (not butterflies !).
  • Incubate a rare larva: Penga, Chevrone, Aemel, Liux.

These breeds can be found as a chrysalis in the wild:

  • Found around the mushroom stream: Futura.
  • Found in the winderness: Alben.
  • Found in the Sulfur fields: Nere.
  • Found near the waterfall: Lorpen.
  • Found somewhere else in the wild: Fiorente.


As you improve your Terraforming Index, Larvae get more and more popular. If they are extremely rare for you, don’t waste your time trying to find them. Concentrate on terraforming and soon you will start tripping over them.

Wild larvae take a little time to spawn. If you jet pack, or walk as fast as possible, over a route they don’t have time to appear in front of you. You have to stand still or walk around slowly (no ‘shift’ key) for a few seconds before you will see some.

If you’re trying to incubate a certain butterfly, and get one you have enough of, you can put the chrysalis in the recycler and get back the larva and the things the incubator needs. You do not always get the same butterfly from the same larva.

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  1. I am approaching Liux…but i don’t see when or where Abstreus becomes unlocked.
    Its not mentioned anywhere.

  2. you can also recycle some of the found larva into rare larva if you have an abundance of them. i do it to find and collect one of every one for the butterfly displays (which can also hold bee’s but not silkworms).

  3. I just found “Fiorente” next to the waterfall, where you described finding “Lorpen.” I suspect the world drops are not tied to specific regions. Further testing is needed. 🙂

  4. Where is the Alben larva?

    You said the ‘winderness’. Did you mean wilderness?

    Also, are you sure the Abstreus is a common larva? I tried it over 35 times and the Abstreus butterfly has never come up.

  5. About the chrysalis. Do they spawn like the larvae maybe, I’m having a hard time finding them.

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