Prosperous Universe – Beginners Tips for Companies

This guide will present tips for company creation and operation in the first few days of game play.

Company Creation and Operation Tips

Early Game Tips

I have only played the game for five days, but I have learned a few things that might be helpful to New Players in the early days of your company.

  1. All the starting packages can work. I tried the Manufacturer package then liquidated my company and restarted with the Carbon Farmer. I suggest starting with a collecting or farming starting package for reasons I explain below.
  2. Choose your starting location as close to a Commodity Exchange as possible. Fuel is expensive and even a short trip from your base to the Commodity Exchange can add thousands of credits to the cost of your goods. Early in the game you have full fuel tanks so you can mange the first few trips without cost but when you need to start buying fuel it can turn a profitable trip into a losing transaction. Collecting and farming positions tend to require fewer trips since you don’t need to buy materials for manufacturing.
  3. Your starting package will include enough supplies, overalls, drinking water, and rations, to last five days. Your workforce will consume the first set of supplies 24 hours after you establish your HQ. Your four days of supplies will give you between four and five days before you need to resupply. You need to purchase your supplies, pick them up at the Commodity Exchange, and return to your HQ before your consumption time after the fifth day.
  4. As mentioned earlier, travel can be expensive so limiting the number of trips and carrying larger loads spreads this fixed cost across more sales. A 2,000-credit fuel bill is very expensive when you are shipping 3,000 credits of merchandise. It has less of an impact when selling 6,000 credits of merchandise. Remember to count fuel consumption in both directions, too and from the Commodity Exchange.
  5. The limiting factor for time between trips is your supply level. When purchasing supplies try to balance the three components so they last the same duration. Having 10 days of rations does not help if you only have 4 days of overalls.
  6. Your starting package will provide a good level of starting capital. This can, and should, be used to purchase additional buildings. Go to the Construct tab on your base screen to find the required components for each building.
  7. Note that each building has a workforce requirement. Your starting package includes enough materials to build two workforce habitats that house a total of two hundred pioneers. If the required workforce for your buildings is greater than you can house, your entire workforce will work at reduced capacity. For example, if your buildings require 210 workforce and you have two habitats for two hundred workforce, your workforce will operate at 95% efficiency, 200/210.
  8. If you find that you need a bit more capital to complete your starting plans, or you need a quick infusion of credits, you can sell fuel.
  9. When choosing production don’t overlook production time. The product with the highest selling price might not be the most profitable. As an example, product one has a market value of 237 credits and a production time of 1 day and 8 hours for four units. Product two has a market value of 90.03 credits and a production time of 10 hours for four units. In 32 hours, 1 day and 8 hours, you can produce four units of product one, generating 948 credits in sales. In 30 hours, you can produce twelve units of product two, generating 1,080.36 credits in sales.
  10. The government assess a production charge on each production run. The charge is typically relatively small but if your credit balance reaches zero you cannot produce additional product.
  11. You must transport your products to the Commodity Exchange to sell them.
  12. Prosperous Universe is a slow-moving game. Production runs can take from four to thirty-two hours, in real time. It is not unusual to set your production and then walk away from the game for many hours.
  13. The game community is extremely helpful. Chatting with a moderator is as easy as opening a buffer, typing the HELP command, then choosing help channel from the drop-down menu.
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