Pseudoregalia – Missile Breaker Guide

A few spoilers for Pseudoregalia! Wanted a lil more pizzazz to your combat? Well here you go bud.

Guide to Missile Breaker


I haven’t seen much coverage on this anywhere aside from a tumblr post i can’t find right now.

So i’m gonna try and cover this as best as i can so maybe other folk can try it out and experiment with what they can do with it!

What You Need to Peform the Technique

First of all, to peform the move itself you’re gonna need at the bare minimum have the following powerups:

  1. The Dream breaker itself (duh).
  2. Sun greaves.

Keep in mind those are the only two things you are OBLIGATED to have for the technique to actually work but things like the Sunsetter help make it easier to do.

To peform it is quite simple:

  1. Throw your weapon into the air like you’d normally do.
  2. Jump into it while it’s still airborne.
  3. Kick it mid-air with the Sun Greaves.
  4. Profit!

Peforming the Technique While No Enemies Are Nearby

Missile breaking has two main uses: combat and mobility.

In this section we will be looking at it’s mobility purposes!

When peformed in an area with no enemies the Dream Breaker will shoot itself diagonally towards wherever Sybil is facing, similar to how Soul Cutter works, until it hits the ground.

If done right, Sybil will backflip away from it and gain a little bit more height and airtime off of it.

Positioning and timing are key!

Keep in mind that if Sybil’s body makes contact with the Dream Breaker she will pick it up, even when airborne, to successfully peform it you want to hit it with the greave’s hitbox and only the greave’s.

Some people might find it somewhat hard to do it consistently, what i usually do to help when i’m training is:

  1. Throw it while standing still on the ground.
  2. Jump into it when it’s almost at the apex of it’s trajectory.
  3. As soon as Sybil reaches the apex of her jump, kick with the greaves.

Note: throwing your weapon after a Sunsetter jump and keeping your camera facing Sybil’s side profile can help out with timing the jump and kick too!

It might not work for everyone, so keep experimenting until you find a strategy that best suits you!

Peforming the Move While Enemies Are Nearby

Now here’s the fun part about this whoooole technique

For it’s combat purposes, If an enemy is within a certain radius of Sybil, the Dream Breaker will target and (sometimes not so discreetly) home into them, dealing high amounts of damage!

Note: You can see it instantly kill the little egg enemies with a single hit even when my magic gauge is at 0 and that your magic gauge does not fill whatsoever when the target is hit.


And… that’s it! All you need to know about the basics of Missile Breaking!

Now go out there and style on all of those dream critters!

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