Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – Gameplay Tips and Tricks (Playtest)

Tips and Tricks for Playtest


  • The most important thing I can recommend is SAVE the game before and after a major event.
  • Also after spending hours of trying to find that exit or hidden door in frustration SAVE the game, quit the game and check to see if any files have been corrupted or missing. 99% of the times it will load 1 or 2 missing files and you can continue the missions.
  • Several of the quests are turned off and cannot be completed, and some loot boxes cannot be looted and some box’s have items that have no description or use.
  • I could not find any necron artifacts to trade for ship parts.
  • Make use of the 2 small buttons above the planets on the ship map if available.
  • It sometimes turns a yellow warp way into a green safe one. Save ship scrap so you can repair your ship vs trying to max out the hull and ram value.
  • Remember this is BETA, enjoy the product and please add polite input and do not be an moron.
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