PUBG: New State – Beginners Guide (Tips for New Players)

Survivor Pass

Survivor Pass: System

Survivor Pass

The PUBG: NEW STATE Survivor Pass offers you exciting new content every month.

The pass is open to all players, and you level up your pass by earning Survivor Points (SP).

As you level up the pass, you’ll earn great rewards, so level up and unlock them all!

The amount of SP earned depends on how long you survive a match. Earn additional SP by completing Pass and Story Missions!

Premium Pass & Premium Pass Plus+

The pass offers daily and weekly missions to help Survivors earn their pass levels!

Unlock the following extra benefits by purchasing:

  • Premium Pass: 1 Inventory Preset (30-day)
  • Premium Pass Plus+: +15 Pass levels / 7 Chicken Medals / 1 Hunter’s Golden Mask / 1 Inventory Preset (30-day)

Running out of time to complete the missions? Go to the [Purchase Pass Level] window to level up faster and earn rewards!

Survivor Pass: Missions

Missions: Daily & Weekly

The pass offers daily and weekly missions to help Survivors earn their pass levels!

Complete these missions and collect your awesome rewards even faster!

  • There are 3 daily pass missions each day, which reset automatically at 00:00 (UTC+0).
  • There are 5 weekly pass missions per week. They do not reset and will remain until you complete them.
  • Make sure to clear all the missions to get the fastest SP!

Missions: Story

3 Story Missions are available every week.

Explore the world of PUBG: NEW STATE by playing through these missions.

Finish all story missions to receive a special completion reward!


Making Friends

Make friends with other Survivors and take on the Battlegrounds together.

PUBG: NEW STATE has a nickname feature for closer interactions with friends, along with a hashtag (#) functionality to help you make new friends easily.

Build up camaraderie with the friends on your friend list by giving them nicknames!

When you set a nickname to your friends, they will be shown as “Player Name (Nickname)”. You can change friend nicknames whenever you want.


Use the hashtag (#) functionality to make new friends!

Throw out some hashtags about your status or mood, and look up hashtags to befriend other Survivors as well!

(Be careful! When you add a space, special character, or emoji, only the text before them will be recognized as a hashtag!)

Deep Link

Deep Link: Share Team Link

Deep Link is an invitation system that allows Survivors to send out an invite to friends.

Friends who receive a Deep Link can access the game by clicking the URL.

*If they are not a PUBG: NEW STATE Survivor, they will be redirected to the Google Play Store, App Store, or Galaxy Store (depending on their platform).

How to create a Deep Link:

  • Tap the [Invite to Team] button in the lobby to open the popup.
  • You can open the [Share Team Link] popup by tapping the [Share Team Link] button on the bottom left of the [Invite to Team] popup.
  • On the [Share Team Link] popup, the [Share Team Link] button will be available.
  • You can invite other players by sharing the link with them via Facebook Messenger, social media, email, and so on.

*Deep Links expire 30 minutes after they are created, so friends will have to join your team before the time runs out.

Team / Party

Ignore Requests

All Survivors have the right to relax from battle without being disturbed.

With the [Ignore Requests] feature, you can choose not to receive requests from certain players for 5 minutes and enjoy a little downtime.

Team / Party

Make a party with friends and drop into the Battlegrounds together!


Level of Expertise

Survivors can choose their Level of Expertise and Preferred Control Settings.

Levels of Expertise:

  • Beginner: You don’t have much experience with Battle Royale games, but you’re eager to learn!
  • Experienced: You understand the basic rules and controls of Battle Royale games, and you’re ready to improve!
  • Expert: You have vast experience in Battle Royale games and are hungry for that Chicken Dinner!

Control Settings

After you select your Level of Expertise, choose the Control Settings you are familiar with or want to learn, then start the tutorial.

You can choose from one of the following control styles: “2 Fingers” / “3 Fingers” / “4+ Fingers”.

Once you’ve selected your Level of Expertise and Control Settings, tap the “SELECT” button to apply the settings.

You can also customize your key settings later.


Chat: Find Party

Chat: Party

Survivors can join various chat channels in the lobby.

  • Local channel: You can talk with other players in your region.
  • Friend channel: You can have a private conversation with a friend.
  • Find Party channel: You can use this channel to find teammates to play with.
  • Party channel: You can talk with your current teammates in this channel.

Map Selection

Map: Select

Survivors can choose from 4 maps to play!

Enjoy exciting Battle Royale experiences in the new and exclusive “Troi” map or something more familiar with Erangel 2051, a new take on an old favorite!

Troi and Erangel both support FPP/TPP and Solo/Squad Modes.

If you don’t have a 4-man squad to jump into Squad Mode with, you can use the Auto Matching system and let the game match you with new teammates and new friends!

Can’t decide on which map to choose?

Choose as many maps as you’d like for the mode you want and have the game randomly select which one you play on!

Note: You can only use this setting for the same mode (ex. Battle Royale).

Preferred Language Match Setting

Play with people in your language of preference by using the “Preferred Language Match” function!

You can activate or deactivate this function by going to the “Preferred Language Match Settings” option in the Map Settings screen.

Map Info: Station

Enjoy an intense round of Team Deathmatch in an abandoned subway station!

“Station” is a new Team Deathmatch-exclusive map played in TPP Mode.

Map Info: Training Ground

What would the Training Grounds look like in 2051?

Practice and improve your combat skills in the new “Training Ground” map and prepare for what the Battlegrounds have in store!


My Clan

Become a Clan Master and create your own Clan, recruit fellow Survivors and work together to raise your Clan’s honor on the Battlegrounds!

On the [Create Clan] tab, create a name and description of your clan and select how you’d like to accept new members (Private/Open).

Or you can seek out comrades to fight alongside with by seeking out the best clans and applying for membership. You can check information about the clans you’re looking to join, including clan names, the clan masters, the number of clan members, and their recruitment policies (Private/Open).

Find a clan that’s right for you!


There are roles and tiers in every clan.

As the clan’s manager, the Clan Master can manage membership applications.

Build a bigger clan with other Survivors and work together to achieve your goals!

Match History

Match History

In Career Results and Statistics, you can get data on your previous matches.

Career Results shows you and your team’s information such as Rank, Rating, Played Mode, Kills, Total Damage, Assist, Contribution, Feedback Rate.

  • You can check information on up to 8 team members, including yourself.
  • Kills show the Kills and Recruit numbers separately. For example, if you had 8 kills and 3 recruits, the statistics will show as 11 Kills (8+3).

Career Results

You can check your in-game data on the Statistics tab. Try beating your own personal records! Your stats are recorded by season and region.

You can also view other players’ stats by visiting their profiles. Check your friend’s profile to compare their stats and yours for a little friendly competition!

Key metrics such as (1) Tier Score (2) Average Rank (3) Win Rate (4) Top 10 Rate (5) K/D and (6) Average Survival Time can also be viewed in daily graphs alongside top percentages.

Monitor your performance and see how you improve over time!

Full list of metrics provided are:

(1) Average Rank, (2) Win Rate, (3) Top 10 Rate, (4) K/D (Kill/Death), (5) Average Survival Time, (6) Wins, (7) Matches, (8) Top 10, (9) Survival Time, (10) Distance (km), (11) Death to Blue Zone, (12) Death to Red Zone, (13) Average Damage Dealt, (14) Kills, (15) Most Kills, (16) Total Damage, (17) Longest Kill (m), (18) Headshot Kills, (19) Headshot Kill Rate, (20) Customized Guns, (21) Getting Airdrops, (22) Used Healing Items, (23) Restored HP, (24) Equipped Body Armor, (25) Equipped Head Armor, and (26) Damage Reduction.

Ranking & Achievements


There are 8 different Tiers in PUBG: NEW STATE.

Compete against other Survivors to reach a higher Tier to earn honor and higher Tier rewards!

(Each season lasts for 2 months, and all Tiers are reset after the season ends.)

  • Bronze (800-1499)
  • Silver (1500-1999)
  • Gold (2000-2499)
  • Platinum (2500-2999)
  • Diamond (3000-3499)
  • Contender (3500-3999)
  • Master (4000+)
  • Conqueror (*Master Tier Survivors who are also in the Top 500.)


PUBG: NEW STATE’s ranking shows information on the 1st to 100th-placing players, and the placement is based on a Survivor’s play scores.

You can view player rankings by navigating to [Lobby] > [Options] (right corner) > [Ranking].

TOP 10: The top 10 players will have special rank emblems displayed.

  • The Add button: Tap this button to send a friend request to the player.
  • The Detail button: Tap this button to open the user information UI.

*Rankings are reset after the end of a season.

Account Level

Increase your account level to receive level-up rewards!

You will earn BP for every level reached and receive Chicken Medals for every 5 levels!

Account Level Rewards:

  • Level 5 and 10: 1 Chicken Medal
  • Level 15 and 20: 2 Chicken Medals
  • Level 25 and 30: 3 Chicken Medals
  • Level 35 and 40: 4 Chicken Medals
  • Level 45 and 50: 5 Chicken Medals
  • Level 55 and 60: 6 Chicken Medals
  • Level 65 and 70: 7 Chicken Medals
  • Level 75 and 80: 8 Chicken Medals
  • Level 85 and 90: 9 Chicken Medals
  • Level 95 and 100: 10 Chicken Medals


Earn achievements and rewards through PUBG: NEW STATE’s Achievements System! To make your drops into the Battlegrounds all the more meaningful, challenges and accomplishments, both big and small, will be recorded here.

  • “Troi Achievements”: Achievements earned while playing on Troi.
  • “Erangel Achievements”: Achievements earned while playing on Erangel.
  • “TDM Achievements”: Achievements earned in Team Deathmatch mode.
  • “Medal Achievements”: Achievements earned based on your overall match performances.
  • “General Achievements”: Achievements earned off the Battlegrounds.
  • “Glorious Achievements”: Achievements with a much higher level of difficulty.

Achievement Point Rewards

Earn achievements and use Achievement Points to get even more rewards!

You will get Achievement Points every time you earn an achievement. You can exchange them for various items through the Reward tab.

Match Results

Match Ranking

Once a match ends, you can check your placement and your average rank on the [End of Match (EOM)] screen.

Be the last Survivor to increase your average rank!

Match Result

On the EOM screen, you can check your average score and other records!

From the session average score, you can check the following:

  1. Kills
  2. Damage Dealt
  3. Assists
  4. Survival Time
  5. Damage Taken
  6. Number of times you knocked someone out
  7. Number of times you revived someone
  8. Number of times you respawned someone
  9. Number of times you were revived
  10. Medal you earned from the session
  11. Rewards you earned from the session (BP, XP, Chicken Medals)
  12. The ace Survivor of your team based on their session average grade

Use the Share button to share brilliant plays and outplays with your friends or take a screenshot and save it to your device.

Match Visualization

Revisit your past battles on the Visualization tab of the EOM screen!

Check the information of a session you played earlier, including Blue Zone info, Blue Zone Survivor info, region names, and records for you and your teammates.

Use the share button to share your good work with the world! Or you can save the record on your device as an image.

Tier Progression

Tier Progression lets you know how many Tier points you earned from each match.

You can also use the Share button here to show off exceptional matches or save a record of the image on your device.



In PUBG: NEW STATE, you can spectate friends or clan members while they are on the Battlegrounds.

Learn from their playstyle or cheer them on while you wait for them to finish.

You can only spectate users that allow it, and the spectate functionality is only available when a friend or clan member is playing a match.

Spectating and the Recruit System:

  • If a friend or clan member is recruited to another team during the match, you will instead spectate the new team.

Mail System

Your reward is in the mail!

You can receive rewards via the mailbox in PUBG: NEW STATE.



PUBG: NEW STATE allows you to mix and match your items in the Wardrobe to give your character a unique look.

You can also preset emotes and radio messages to use during battle.

Show off your items to your teammates in the lobby using the [Show Item] function.

You can turn the [Show in Lobby] function on or off. Items eligible for showing are helmets, backpacks, weapons, and vehicles.


Presets allow you to preset your costumes!

You can change your costumes by selecting one of your Presets in the inventory or starting island.

Make sure to select what costumes and weapon skins to use for the match before the plane takes off!

You can’t change to another preset once the match starts.



You can post a short introduction of yourself on your profile. Check out other Survivors’ profiles as well!


Set a profile icon that represents you!

Everyone can view your profile icon.


You can also set a Profile Frame to better express yourself!

Once applied, your Profile Frame is displayed with your Profile Icon.


Give yourself a Title in your Profile!

Once applied, your Title is displayed with your character for everyone to see.


Set a Nameplate in your Profile to decorate your nickname!

Once applied, your Nameplate is displayed with your nickname.

Nameplate Effect

Set up a cool Nameplate Effect in your Profile to decorate your nickname!

The Nameplate Effect is displayed together with your nickname and nameplate.

Season Badge

Show off your Seasonal Achievement with the Season Badge!


Choose a Flag to represent who you are!

The Flag you select is displayed next to your nickname.

Once you apply a Flag, you can’t change it for the next 48 hours, so choose your Flag carefully!


Battle Point (BP)

Get more BP (Battle Point) by eliminating enemies and becoming the Lone Survivor!

You can earn BP through gameplay, Pass rewards, or rewards for other products.

Express yourself by purchasing skins or appearance items in the BP Store with the BP you earned!

The BP Store is updated with new items every week.

Chicken Medal

Get unique costumes and weapon skins by exchanging Chicken Medals for Chests and Crates!

You can buy every Royale Chest in PUBG: NEW STATE using Chicken Medals. Players can open 10 Chests and get one free!

Chicken Medals are granted to the Lone Survivor or the winning team of a match in Battle Royale mode. Players can also get them through different events.

Get more Chicken Medals by participating in events or winning more battles!


Buy fancy costumes and dress up your character using NC, the PUBG: NEW STATE currency!

*Note: Once purchased, NC cannot be canceled or refunded.

Crate Ticket

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