Quake II – Access Pre-release Maps (E3, Pre-E3, ECTS 97)

Check out the maps of Quake 2 from various development time. E3 1997(June 19 – 21), ETCS 97 (September 7 – 9) and pre-E3 era.


Hello, folks. As you can see Nightdive Studios did hell of a job to remaster Q2. Also, they brought us an old, unused, pre-release content of Quake 2.

E3 1997 and ETCS 1997 Maps

The update comes with maps from E3 (June 19 – 21), ETCS 97 (September 7 – 9). You can access them via main menu -> “id Vault” -> “Development”.

Go for:

  • Playable: E3 1997
  • Playable: ECTS 97

Note: ECTS 97 ends in level “kmdm3_ec” when you kill Tank Commander without saying that it’s the last level of ECTS 97 mappack, unlike E3 maps.

Unused Old Maps (No Access via Main Menu Directly)

In game archive what comes with rerelease, there are unused maps yet by remaster within folder “old”. It seems to be an alternative version of Q2 levels, some of them are even older than E3 maps.

You can access them via console (~ button on keyboard on up left, under Escape). You have to write command “map old\baseold”.

Full list of maps:

  • baseold
  • city2_4
  • fact1
  • fact2
  • fact3
  • facthub
  • hangarold
  • kmdm3
  • pjtrain1
  • ware1
  • xcommand5

List of Maps from E3 1997 and ETCS 1997

You can access E3 maps via command in console “map e3\bunk_e3”

To access ETCS 1997 maps you have to type in console “map ec\base_ec”

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