Quest Master – Logic Gates Basic Guide

How to Simulate Logic Gates

By Sherwin.

This might be not the most optimal (and compact) way to make these gates, but this is to just give most people a general idea on how to utilize specific objects.

Take note that most contraptions may use a lot of space in a room so design your rooms to hide these contraptions if you don’t want people get confused with how these objects work


Accepts all the triggers to execute the condition

The easiest one to simulate. General conditions already exists to simulate the AND GATE:

  • Setting objects to have the same Shape.
  • General conditions (light all torches, turn on all floor switches, etc.)


Accepts any of the set triggers to execute the condition

Need to use at least 2-3 shapes or combination of shapes and general conditions (torches for example)


Accepts a single input, and inverts the condition

Most objects can already be set to have inverted conditions, but a custom NOT GATE can be done using levers and wall traps.


I don’t think this would really be used at most parts, but you can essentially combine the GATES above to simulate these GATES.

Automating Traps

For automating specific traps (spike traps or wall traps), you can basically trigger switches using wall traps and blade traps.

Very basic usage of this would be an automated retracting/extending spike traps.

I hope you found this helpful!

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