RAGE – Avoiding Invisible Wall Glitch (Wasteland Legends Mode)

Ever tired of restarting the same mission because your non-host partner got stuck on that annoying, yet frustrating invisible wall glitch that make you and your partner go RAGE? Then worry no more! This guide will help you avoiding those glitches from encountering, including the three final missions like Extermination, Grab and Go, and A New Toy.

How to Avoid Invisible Wall Glitch


I do prioritizing players who are aiming for multiplayer achievements. Some of the players are playing just for fun. When I play co-op, me and most of the players had encounter this Invisible Wall Glitch – a glitch where it frustrates players, wasting time and effort.

Since no one created a guide relating to avoid those glitches, I decided to make one in case I’m not on free time and/or I won’t be able to help players in the future. This guide is exclusively for players who are regularly playing and/or hunting for multiplayer achievements in RAGE Wasteland Legends.

Causes of Invisible Wall Glitch

Before I give you the solution and methods, here are the causes of triggering invisible wall glitches based on my experience on PC version:

  • Both players have different countries/timezones at least 3 hours away from each other
  • Poor internet speed on either players
  • Maxed Graphical settings

Wall glitch triggers when Player 1 (P1 – Host Player) moves ahead first and stepped on some trigger spots instead of Player 2 (P2 – Non-Host Player), leaving P2 helpless and unable to finish the mission for both players. Glitches on three final missions, especially on Grab and Go mission, have the same case on consoles as well, including PS3 and Xbox 360. These glitches are actually permanent since the official release, even now after patch updates long ago. Glitch triggers will appear depending on the severity of P2’s ping.

The worst experience I have on Grab and Go mission takes almost 2 hours of playing after restarting multiple times with one of the players I helped for aiming achievements. I almost got turn myself into RAGE mode ‘coz of them glitchy elevator lifts.

Solution and Methods

The solution that will help avoiding all wall glitches in RAGE Legends is this:

Instead of P1, P2 must go first through that spot where the glitch triggers. If the glitch won’t trigger, P2 will successfully pass through and then P1 will follow. Make sure P2 won’t go back to that glitchy trigger spot.

Simple as that! You can swap a host/server leader in case both of you are having problems.

Word of advice: If glitch triggers, P2 must not waste time to do something crazy like sending off flying or kill self/send off flying towards the glitch using a Rocket Launcher. It still won’t work. Restart immediately and try again.

In case this solution doesn’t work, here are the five methods to try (if you’re in a hurry or looking for the best method, proceed to Method 5):

Method 1

Both players must move slowly (crouching while moving) when approaching the glitch spots. P2 must be on the front while P1 follows from behind, as long as both players are close to each other, but not too close before approaching to the glitch spot. When getting close to the spot within few meters, P1 will hold position/stop moving and P2 will go forward and get past to the spot. If successful, P1 can now move.

Method 2

Both players must wait for at least 10-15 seconds before moving. This is depending on the severity of the lag. If P2 experienced heavy lag/high ping, wait for 30 seconds instead. Once you’re done counting, follow Method 1.

Method 3

Set graphics to LOW. All of them. Then do the solution or you can add with Method 1 and Method 2.

Method 4

P1 must keep distance from P2 as far as possible, then follow-up with Method 2. You can add this with Method 3 if still doesn’t work.

You can do most of the methods, or just all the way in one go if you’re in a hurry, except this one below.

Method 5

If all methods mentioned above fails, then you should find a new partner with fast internet speed, and more importantly, closest timezone or same country in between players. This method acts as a last resort and the most effective one. Yes, this method is kinda difficult since you have to find a player nearest to your location, and of course, few are playing RAGE nowadays.

About Method 5, I tried this once when I played with a random player 1 hour away from each other’s timezones and with a good internet speed. The gameplay experience itself is flawless without any encountering glitches. Playing myself as P2 have no problems in moving through spots, even when P1 moves ahead first. Second attempt on method 5 were two foreign players playing each other instead of me (one of them is the same guy I mentioned from the Introduction and I help found his new partner weeks later). It was a success since I have a hunch that those two were luckily close to each other’s timezones. Credits to MadMan and Lord_zorax for making this possible.

Glitch Spots

Now that you know the solution and the methods, I would like to show you those glitched spots where players, especially as P2, are getting stuck at. So here’s the list:

Extermination (Mission 7)

  • Shipwreck Cove: where J.K. Stiles opens the door.
  • Bonus Round Room: after killing the Kraken, J.K. Stiles will say “there you go” where the door opens.
  • Monkey Business Room: the center platform itself, will lower the platform after killing Slimy Mutants
  • Ammunition stash and items Area: half-circle door right after the center platform from Monkey Business Room.

Grab and Go (Mission 8, the worst glitch triggers in RAGE Co-op history)

  • Passage area with Bomb Caches: First elevator near from starting point.

Note: Before the first elevator, P2 must stand near the electrical box and wait for 10 seconds. After counting, P2 will place the bomb on electrical box and get in position near the first elevator lift, in which both will follow the solution and methods. I can’t be sure if placing bomb on electrical box might be connected to the elevator lift glitch, so I’ll keep an update for this in the future when I found something different. Once P2 successfully pass through the invisible wall on elevator lift, make sure he/she won’t do any unnecessary movements. P2 must stay at the center of the elevator until both of you will reach to the next floor.

If you notice where you see P2 pass through the lift, but in fact playing as P2 he/she can’t go through that, it means the glitch was triggered. Once the lift lands on lower level, P2 will teleport itself back at the top by P1’s perspective, but in fact P2 is still at the top the whole time where the lift was lowered. However, there is a rare chance that even P2 is stuck at the top, he will get fall down to the lift the moment it lands to the lower level and reunite with P1 like it was nothing. If you encounter that, it means both of you are lucky to continue playing the mission.

  • Past Bomb Caches: Second elevator at the ending point

Note: After killing a Gearhead Minigun, the elevator exit might be glitchy. I recommend to do Method 1 and 2 on this since the elevator itself is still moving slowly until it lands on the exact floor level despite of a dead Gearhead Minigun.

For unknown reason, while P2 experienced lags, he/she can be able to get past through the glitch on elevator lifts, even P1 went there first in which ignored the solution and methods. I’ll run and look into it in multiple sessions on how it is possible.

A New Toy (Mission 9)

3rd floor: After killing Gearheads from the upper floor, there’s a Fire Gate that needs to turn off manually.
Bank counter: Fire Gate at the left will disable itself once Gearhead Minigun is neutralized.
Room with ammunition stash and some items: Fire Gate will disable itself once Gearhead Minigun and Jet are both neutralized.

There are some of invisible wall glitch spots that I haven’t discovered yet. But just to be sure, you have to follow the solution and methods on areas in which you think it might be able to trigger.


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