Ravager – Achievement Guide

Guide to getting all game Achievements in Ravager, for those who wanna flex on their fellow dragon-porn aficionados.

Waifu Achievements

Achievements related to your waifu-courting skills:

Haremon Master
In a single playthrough, acquire every potential captive.

There are 11 captives total at this time. (Enid, the Commoner, does not count as one.) Some are easy to get, others will require a bit more work. Note that you can’t start collecting captives until you’ve gotten yourself a lair, though you can meet them earlier and come back later. Note that the following are only one ways to collect the waifu; some can be recruited other ways.

  • Chanwe, the Abbess: Visit the Convent in the Mountains to meet the Abbess and f*ck her. Afterwards, she will come with you willingly.
  • Cooch, The Drunk: Vist Gutter’s Cove and waylay one of the townspeople. Follow her home, where you can f*ck her, abduct her, or f*ck her THEN abduct her.
  • Darja, the Fangirl: Visit the Campfire in the Mountains to meet Darja. She’ll join up immediately.
  • Heloise, The Inquisitrix: This one is tricky. Visit Bastion to meet the catgirl thieves, and sign on to their planned heist. Return later to carry out the heist. You’ll need either 4 Charm or 6 Potency to survive the encounter. If you do, you’ll be able to take Heloise in lieu of your share of the loot.
  • Issa, the Kobold: After moving into a lair, sleep a few times and he’ll show up.
  • Maelys, the Huntress: This one takes some work. During Act II, visit the Forest and intervene to save Maelys from the Centaurs. Later, when Maelys attacks your lair at the end of Act III, choose the following options when prompted: “I’M SORRY.”, “IT CAN CHANGE.”, “JOIN ME”. If you make at least one of the associated skill checks, you’ll capture Maelys alive. This is the “Doubt” capture. There’s also a “Despair” capture, which requires letting the Centuars r*pe Maelys, then choosing “I’LL DO WORSE.”, Pounce!, and “SUBMIT” during the fight, again making at least one of the skill checks. Note that the plotline for the “Despair” capture is widely considered to be only for truly evil dragons, and- more to the point for the purposes of this guide- two additional achievements are only available along the “Doubt” root.
  • Marie-Anne, the Farmgirl: Visit the Farmlands and investigate the barn to meet Marie-Anne. Take a charm option (you need 4 Charm) to get her to come with you. (I reccommend requesting “PLEASURE” first, and then waiting for her to answer. The ensuing scene is one of the hottest in the game.) Alternatively, r*pe her and then abduct her.
  • Mina, the Merchant: Visit the roads and ambush Mina’s cart, but make a deal and send her on her way with her clothes. Later, visit Gutter’s Cove to find her being accosted by some Mercenaries. Intervene and Mina will offer to work together.
  • Naho, the Wolfgirl: Visit the Wildlands and defeat Naho in combat. (This requires 4 Strength). Then “Take Control of the Pack” and offer Eburon the Lowlands in exchange for the packs allegience. You’ll get Naho, the Wolf Tribe horde, and Eburon as a bonus.
  • Sabetha and Inej, the Rogues: Run the Bastion Heist with them to capture Heloise. (see above) After opting to take Heloise, give them the location of your lair. Build Traps for your lair either before or IMMEDIATELY after the heist. The Rogues will stop by soon and stay to hang around a while.
  • Valzira, The Witch: There are several ways to capture Valzira, but the most straightforward is first visit her shack in the swamp, then recruit the Wolf Tribe (see Naho, above), and send them to capture her (visit them in the hordes section of your lair to do so). Be sure to give the Wolves 1 Treasure first, because if they try this with zero Morale, they’ll die.

The following achievements are gotten by taking a waifu as your consort. To do this you have to capture them (see above), learn their name (visit them in the lair and ask, usually), and sometimes fulfill other conditions. You only get the achievement if they’re your consort at the End of Act IV, and you won’t get it if Malice steals your consort on the night before you attack Pale Rock.

A Fine Suggestion
Choose and keep Heloise as your consort.

After capturing Heloise, visit her in your lair three times. The first time you’ll need either 6 Charm or 6 Potency to avoid Game Over, then you’ll f*ck her. The second time, you’ll f*ck her again. The third time, she’ll reveal that she’s pregnant. Note that this requires the Pregnancy tag to be on in the preferences menu. Do all this before the end of Act III, and you’ll be able to make her consort in Act IV.

Drinking Buddy
Choose and keep Cooch as your consort.

No big deal here; Cooch is always up for it.

Choose and keep Sabetha & Inej as your consorts.

After capturing the twins, visit them continuously in the lair, taking advantage of new opportunities when offered, until you get the chance to f*ck Inej. Thereafter, they’ll be available as consorts in Act IV.

Dragon Enthusiast Enthusiast
Choose and keep Darja as your consort.

Darja will always be available as consort unless you’ve imprisoned her. If you have, just forgive her to let her out.

Simple Tastes
Choose and keep Marie-Anne as your consort.

Marie-Anne will always be available if you recruited her by Charm. If you abducted her, you’ll either have to have the kobolds bring her some creature comforts to cheer her up (requires 2 Kobold Morale and spends 1), or throw her in the torture chamber to break her. Note that these two paths have very different results.

A Sound Investment
Choose and keep Mina as your consort.

Mina is available so long as you haven’t imprisoned her. If you have imprisoned her, you can give her the dress Petruk finds in Act III (visit your treasure hoard to get the option, if you don’t give it to her when Petruk finds it).

Who’s A Good Boy?
Choose and keep Eburon as your consort.

Eburon will agree to be your consort so long as Wolf Tribe Morale is at 1 or higher.

Conquest Achievements

Achievements related to the Conquest mechanic in Act IV:

Towering Inferno
In Dark Fantasy mode, raise the power of the Infernal Court to 3.

Chaos Reigns
In Dark Fantasy mode, raise the power of the Proteans to 3.

An Earth-Shattering Kaboom
In Dark Fantasy mode, raise Malagar’s power to 3.

Three variants on the same thing. Give them their requested waifu to unlock them as lair faction. They start with 2 Morale, so give them one additional waifu to bring Morale up to 3. If you’d rather not lose the waifu, you can always rollback after the achievement pops.

Collateral Damage
In a single playthrough, pillage at least five territories.

Self-explanatory, but with a little snag; there are (at present time) only seven territories available for conquest. Of those, the Swamp cannot be pillaged or spared, and Gutter’s Cove and the Wildlands will be conquered before Act IV if you recruit the hordes that are based there. So unless you forgo recruiting either the Mercenaries or the Wolf Tribe, you won’t have enough conquerable territories available to make the achievement. Fortunately, since Pillaging restores horde morale, you can easily conquer and pillage the entire map with only one horde. Just make sure you have the 3 morale needed to capture Cold Reach.

Model Of Restraint
In a single playthrough, conquer at least five territories intact.

As above, but a little more difficult since sparing territories depletes horde morale. Don’t expect to accomplish this without throwing waifu to your hordes for the Morale boost.

A Slight Miscalculation
In Dark Fantasy mode, fail to conquer a territory.

Deja Vu
After failing to conquer a territory, successfully conquer it with the same horde.

Pretty straightforward; attack a territory with less than the needed Morale, get your butt kicked, then pump up the horde’s Morale with gifts of treasure or waifu and go back to win.

Have all your commanders die during the assault on Pale Rock.

A commander dies at Pale Rock if you order them to attack when their horde has zero Morale. You can deplete a horde’s Morale easily by sending them into battles they can’t win during Conquest. Note that your Lair Faction doesn’t count towards this achievement, so you can still conquer the rest of the map by relying on them.

It’s All Coming Together
Have all your commanders survive the assault on Pale Rock.

By contrast, this is easy. Just make sure you don’t fight with any army that has zero morale. Or, better yet, pair it the next achievement:

The Burninator
Conquer Pale Rock with dragonfire alone.

Dragonfire is always available at Pale Rock, so just torch the whole city. This kills your Prosperity, of course, but there’s nothing stopping you from popping the achievement and then reloading an old save.

Solo Carry
Conquer Pale Rock by using your own abilities, and nothing else.

Now THIS is a challenge. Passing Pale Rock on skills alone requires 6 each in Strength, Charm, Mercy, Cruelty, and Potency. How exactly to do that, I leave you to figure out for yourself, but here are some tips:

  • Potency is easy: just f*ck a lot of waifu. It’s a porn game, you’re probably doing that anyway.
  • Strength and Charm can be boosted by 3 each by buying the Sacrifice and Idol lair upgrades, respectively. Since you also get 1 each of Strength and Charm at the end of Act II, and again at the end of Act III, making it to 6 should be trivial.
  • If you pounce Enid the Commoner in Act I, but leave without r*ping her, the Mercy requirement is reduced to 5.
  • Mercy and Cruelty can both be boosted by sparing or pillaging territories during conquest.

If you need more help, check my walkthrough (linked above) for a full list of available stat points.

Major Scene Achievements

The following achievements are for seeing scenes of particular import to certain waifu story arcs:

Convert Chanwe to the Sun faith.

Follow Chanwe’s “TEACH ME” storyline to the end, then f*ck her vaginally when given the opportunity. Making it to the end of the storyline requires 4 Mercy.

Cuchilla’s Bet
Witness an ill-advised wager with the Hundred Companies.

First, be sure the Bestiality tag is on. Then, capture Cooch, f*ck her, and recruit the Mercenary horde. After doing all three (in any order), visit the Mercenaries to find Cooch drinking with them. Stay on the sidelines, and watch as things escalate to the point of Cooch getting f*cked by a donkey. If you choose to jump in, you can f*ck Cooch yourself instead. This won’t get you the Achievement, but I think it makes a better scene.

Bed Of Riches
Celebrate atop a giant pile of treasure.

This one is sneakily hidden. First, make sure Mina is in your lair, not locked up, and not mad at you. (The former can be changed by giving her the dress Petruk finds midway through Act III, but the latter- which occurs if you talk her into vaginal sex, then refuse to respect her wishes during the act- cannot be corrected, and thus locks you out of getting this scene.) Accumulate 3 treasure, then ask your attendant about your treasure hoard. He’ll take you to see it, and Mina will join you shortly thereafter.

Brood Mother
Spend a pleasant(ish) evening with the Firstmother and her children.

During the escape from the city in Act I, invade Enid the Commoner’s room, pounce her, take her gently, c*m inside, and then leave without killing her. Later, she’ll show up in Act III with a belly full of consequences. After welcoming her to the lair, head down to visit the kobolds. Make sure you have at least 1 Treasure first, because you’ll need to spend it to get her to stick around. (You can use force instead, but then you won’t be able to get the achievement.) Once that’s settled, revisit the kobolds again in Act IV and you’ll get a chance to look in on her. With 4 Charm, you can convince her to f*ck again. (I’m not sure whether that last is required for the achievement, but it’s not difficult to have 4 Charm at this point, so why not?)

Down On The Farm
Find out more about Marie-Anne’s history.

This one requires the Bestiality tag active. Get Marie-Anne in your lair, and dream of “the rolling countryside”. After doing both, visit Marie-Anne and ask to talk. Ask about her and animals, and mention that you’ve figured out about her and Trojan. After a bit of encouragement, she’ll tell you a story about these dogs she used to have.

Cover Yourself Up, Dear
Give Maelys a new set of clothes.

Capture Maelys via the Doubt method (see above), while you have Marie-Anne in your lair and not imprisoned. Visit Maelys repeatedly, and eventually you’ll find Marie-Anne waiting when you do. She’s heard that Maelys could use some new clothes. Offer to deliver them, and play the ensuing scene however you want, but DON’T take the option to “Show her who’s in charge.”

Attentive Father
In a single playthrough, see at least three childhood events in Act IV.

For this one, you’ll need Malice the Naga in your lair. You can get her by impregnating either Heloise or Valzira in Act III. There are four childhood events available if Malice is in your lair:

  • Visit the kobolds for the “pig event”.
  • Visit any imprisoned captive, (Naho and Valzira always count, others may if you’ve abducted them without their consent.) AFTER seeing the “pig event”.
  • Visit the Mercenaries- at any time- for a third event.
  • If your lair is the Sunken Temple, you can also find Malice talking with Mother when you visit the Proteans.

Note that while the kobolds are always available, the other three might not be, depending on your previous decisions. This can make the achievement unattainable.

Operation Sexy Rescue
Find and retrieve your lost drunk.

This is an involved one. Before you can rescue Cooch, you have to put her in a situation where she needs rescuing to begin with. You’ll need the Spire lair, Cooch, Malagar, and to have visited to wisps in the Swamp. Once you’ve covered all these bases, talk to Malagar about capturing Valzira for his experiments. Mention Cooch as a possible way to do it, and he’ll formulate a plan involving a dead-drunk Cooch and a cooperative wisp. The plan gets you Valzira, but Cooch gets left behind. Give Valzira to Malagar, then go about your business until Act IV. When Act IV rolls around, visit Malagar and tell him to help rescue Cooch. He’ll formulate a plan that involves supercharging your dragon testes and setting you loose on the swamp. Fun. Go with it and bring Cooch back home, safe and sound. Note that Malagar will lose 1 Morale for this.

Playstyle Achievements

These achievements are meant to encourage you to try different ways of playing the game.

Titan Of Industry
In Act III, build all five constructions in your lair.

There are five lair upgrades: Traps, Sacrifice, Idol, Baths, and Torture Chamber. (The last one can’t be build without the Torture tag active.) Building them is easy: you order them from your attendant, spend one gold, sleep a bit until they’re done, and enjoy. The issue is how to scrounge up the 5 gold you need. You guaranteed one at the start and one for the dress Petruk finds. Put off your first meeting with Mina until Act III, and you can make a deal with her for some silks, which are worth another point. After recruiting Mina, you can ask her for resources to gain a fourth point. To get the rest, you have two choices; give a waifu to the kobolds and send them out raiding, or run the Bastion heist and take the money instead of Heloise, getting 2 Treasure in exchange for forgoing to opportunity to capture Heloise and Sabetha and Inej. Either way, you can’t get this achievement without giving up at least one waifu. Sorry.

Scrooge McF***
In Dark Fantasy mode, finish Act III with at least 3 Treasure, without spending any of it.

As above, but instead of 5 treasure, you just have to raise 3 and sit on it until Act IV. Feel free to use it to get “Bed of Riches” in the meantime.

Dragon? What Dragon?
Complete Act III without accruing any reputation for Mercy or Cruelty.

If you’re not careful, you can actually fail this achievement on the second choice of the game. As soon as you hatch, nuzzle Adeline, then try to mount her, but don’t bite her afterwards. Since you’re a well-behaved dragon, Adeline will promise to take care of your raging draconic libido. When her handmaid comes in, Adeline will have order her to help you see to it. You’ll have the option to look at the maid and get some service from her. This is the only way to get past the Handmaid without gaining either Mercy or Cruelty. Later, during the escape, duck into Enid’s room and hide instead of pouncing her, or else ignore the room entirely in favor of crouching under the cart until the guards are passed. Once you’re out of Act I, you can cheese the rest of the achievement by going straight for the Campfire, letting Darja take you to the spire, giving your starting gold to the kobolds (to avoid dying to Maelys at the end of Act III), and just sleeping until Act IV starts. If you want to claim this achievement while still having a viable game afterwards, it’s doable, but you’ll be limited. You won’t be able to recruit the Mercenaries or the Wolf Tribe, you can’t use the Abandoned Mine lair, and you won’t be able to capture Mina. Other than that, you should be able to manage most tasks IF you know what you’re doing.

Hit The Ground Running
In Act I, attempt to mount Adeline, get service from Chia, and have fun with Enid.

Self explanatory, more or less. Nuzzle Adeline at the start for the opportunity to mount her, then jump on Chia (the handmaid), and finally bang Enid the Commoner. (do it gently- I don’t know whether rough will gain you the achievement.)

Complete Act II in 3 or fewer days.

You don’t even need 3. Head straight for the Campfire, let Darja show you to the spire, and you can claim it as your lair in 1 day. EZ.

Grand Designs
Have your roost remodelled multiple times in the same playthrough.

This is a tricky one. Your roost (or, if we’re calling a spade a spade, your bedroom) is remodeled whenever you choose a new consort. Your first night after promoting your new consort, you’ll come home to a redecorated bedroom. You need to get your room redecorated three times to pop this achievement. The question you might be asking now is, “How can I choose a new consort if I already have one?” Simple answer: give your old consort away to a horde! Then you get the option to pick a new consort. Do so, and give them the same treatment. After the third one redecorates, that should pop the achievement. Then you’ll probably be wanting to restore an old save, because this kind of Bluebeard stuff is a bit much even for an evil dragon.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Perform an impromptu penectomy.

Bite Balthorne’s d*ick off. This requires 1 Strength to get it done, plus either 1 Charm or 1 Cruelty to get close to him. The easiet way to set it up is via your first interactions with Adeline. As soon as you hatch, nuzzle her (+1 Charm), then try and Mount her. When she refuses, bite her (+1 Strength), and then spit fire in her face (+1 Cruelty). That gives you what you need to get it done either way.

Give your daughter a name she likes.

There’s some confusion about what triggers this achievement. “Princess”, “Queen”, and the dragon’s name have been rumored to work, but don’t. What does work is her canon name, “Malice”. The achievement popped for me in the “Texture of your scales” dream (which requires the Incest and Femdom tags switched on). I can neither confirm nor deny if it works it you name Malice in another scene.

Just Visiting
Sneak into the Convent of the Frigid Order, do nothing interesting, and then leave again.

More like do nobody interesting; you gain this achievement by going to the convent and refusing to f*ck both the Nun and the Abbess. Dragon don’t have to be horny all the time, amirite?

One Of Us
Open the Discord link in the main menu.

Hero Of The Zone
Open the Walkthrough link in the main menu.

Self-explanatory. I highly recommend checking out the Discord, BTW. Great community, and great place to discuss the game lore.

Bad Dragon
Over multiple Dark Fantasy playthroughs, receive a wound in every possible way.

The is a hard achievement, or at least a time-consuming one. You have to run Acts i-III inside and out to collect all the wounds. I recommend trying it yourself, but if you want a crib sheet, here:

Act I:

  • Attack Balthorne’s guards after biting off his arm and/or penis.
  • Get shot by a crossbow during your escape from the palace.
  • Attempt to outrun the guards on the city streets. (May require both turning around and Charging)
  • Hide under a cart during your escape from the city, then toy with the guards and get lanced.
  • Enter Enid the Commoner’s room in Act I, then jump back out when she wakes up.
  • Take Enid roughly and get poleaxed.

Act II:

  • Fail to defeat the Centaurs.
  • Fail to stow away on a ship at Gutter’s Cove.

Act II or III:

  • Pick a fight with Sabetha and Inej and get stabbed.
  • Get shot by Mina after failing to disarm her.

Act III:

  • Pick a fight with Rhyll and get arrow’d.
  • See “Resignation Letter”, below.

Note that you can rollback after receiving the wound, and it’ll still count towards your total.


Self-explanatory. Death from both wounds and “Dead End” branches count. The easiest way to die is probably to repeatedly fight guards in Act I. If that’s not dramatic enough for you, try going to the Forest, fighting through the centaurs, and then trying to finish off the plot-armored Huntress.

Hidden Achievements

These achievements would mostly go in the “Major Scenes” pile, but are hidden so as to not spoil certain plot events.

Resignation Letter

Claim the Spire lair, capture Darja, and recruit Malagar to your cause. Once you have all three, give Darja to one of your hordes, then visit Malagar’s lab and get nearly f*cking blown into f*cking smithereens by his parting gift. (This counts as one of the wounds you’ll need for Bad Dragon.)

Cat Burgled

Follow the directions to capture Sabetha and Inej (see “Haremon Master”), but neglect to build the traps. Then go to sleep with at least 1 Treasure in your lair. The catgirls will show up and rob you. No honor among thieves.

Green Eyed Monster

Get Malice in your lair (see “Attentive Father” for notes on how to do that), then pick any consort other than Heloise, and raise Malice badly. (The easiest way to do this is to avoid visiting the kobolds for all of Act IV, thus never triggering the pig event.) When you get to the night before Pale Rock, Malice will interrupt your farewell to your consort in an extremely rude manner.

Why Not Both?

Impregnate either Heloise or Valzira, then try and impregnate the other. The next time you sleep, Malice will show up in a dream and chide you for trying to make more than one of her.

On Second Thought…

Another Malice achievement. For this one, impregnate either Heloise or Valzira, and visit them until you have the option of terminating the pregnancy by killing the mother. Do so, then impregnate the OTHER elf. Malice will appear to you in a dream and comment on the situation.

This Fixes Everything

This takes some work. First, Capture Heloise and impregnate her. Next, capture Maelys through the Doubt path (see “Haremon Master” for details on this.) At the start of Act IV, visit Maelys in her cell and play the scene until the end. That night, make Heloise your consort. After a few nights, Heloise will ask to visit Maelys in her cell. Let her do so, tag along, and watch the scene play out. In the morning, re-visit Maelys and she’ll ask to have sex. Oblige her and play the scene to the end to get the achievement. (You might want to save your game before that last part, in case you don’t like the results.)

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