Ravenous Devils – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Small guide written in English to try to help you get all the achievements in this game. They are all really easy to obtain.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Hey, I have prepared this little guide to help you (in case you need it) to get all the achievements of the game. They are all very easy to obtain and I have tried not to spoil too many. I have divided the guide into:

Story Related: are achievements related to the story and that cannot be missed. At the end of the game you will surely have unlocked these achievements. In case this is not the case, I’m sorry but it means that something went wrong. In this guide, the achievable achievements are put in order.

Remember: always read all the letters.

Non-Story Related: the ones that you won’t get during the story and that you may miss even after finishing the game.

My advice is to finish the game completely first, and then to dwell on all the other achievements.

  • Story/Non-Missable Achievements: 7
  • Non-Story Related/Missable Achievements: 16
  • Total: 23

Story Related

Epistolary relationship

  • Receive the first letter

It is the first achievement linked to history. In this case, finish the first day and you will get a letter. To read the letter you will have to wait for the end of the working day, access the “Improvements” and there will be the section “Letters”, click on the new letter received and you will get the achievement.

Annoying blonde guy

  • Take Elliot’s measurements

Progress through the story to get this achievement.

What a thud!

  • Help Gilbert

Progress through the story to get this achievement.

In a better place

  • Find out where Elisewin is gone

By accessing the section “Letters” once the day is over, you will get Letter n. 8

Read it to get the achievement.

A faulty woman

  • Make a new dress for Yvonne

Progress through the story to get this achievement.


  • Act like a good parent

Progress through the story to get this achievement.

Ravenous Devils

  • Who is the real devil in the end?

Progress through the story to get this achievement.

Non-Story Related


  • Play with the sign 10 times

It is the simplest achievement. You have to go to the restaurant and holding down the right mouse button, move to the left (outside, towards the street) there will be a sign. Click on the (pig) sign 10 times and you will get the achievement.

I’m sorry, no bikini here

  • Buy a new outfit (it’s not for Vicky this time)

You simply need to purchase a new outfit for Percival. Go to the “Upgrades” menu, in the “Clothes” section and buy a new outfit (usually Percival clothes are the first).

Shhh… he doesn’t know

  • Hire an attendant

To get this achievement, all you have to do is purchase the “Waiter” upgrade.

Feed me all night long

  • Fertilise the unusual plant in the greenhouse and make it sprout up

Once you have unlocked the nursery, all you have to do is use the fertilizer on the plant on the right. You will need to give it about 20 fertilizers to make it grow and unlock the achievement.

Friendly paw

  • Buy a warm couch for your cat

As you progress in the game you will have the opportunity to purchase a new upgrade called “Cat”, you just need to buy it to get the achievement.

The cat will be introduced to you by Gilbert in the first time he shows himself in the restaurant.

Stocked shop

  • Open the shop with the displays and the mannequins full

First of all, you will need to purchase all the mannequins and tables in the upgrades. Once this is done, you will have to occupy them and keep them “ready” before opening the shop.

Men devouring men

  • Buy all tables. Now you’re not just doing takeaway, you have a real restaurant!

Purchase all the tables in the upgrade to unlock this achievement.

House of horrors

  • Get all the upgrades. Mr. T would be proud

Just buy all the upgrades.

Green thumb

  • So, you got into gardening

To unlock this achievement you simply need to buy some vegetables from the upgrades (tomatoes, potatoes etc.)

It’s not that rusty

  • Produce minced meat 20 times

This is also a very simple achievement. It is easy to unlock it during your first run. It will simply be necessary to put corpses 20 times into the mincer to create meat.

A really strange machine

  • Produce sausages 20 times

As the description says, you will need to purchase the “Sausages” upgrade and produce at least 20.


  • Produce steaks 20 times

As the description says, you will need to purchase the “Steaks ” upgrade and produce at least 20.

Anyone else?

  • Anyone else?: Use your scissors 50 times on your clients

You will need to kill at least 50 customers to get this achievement.

Evergreen jokes

  • Do you like black humour? No? You’ll like it, trust me

Once you have grown the carnivorous plant located to the right of the nursery , all you have to do is talk to it several times a day until you get the achievement. If he starts saying the same things then you will have to wait until the next day and repeat the process.

Gourmet chef

  • Learn all your grandma’s recipes

As you progress through the game and buy all the food upgrades, you can get all the recipes.

A boring day

  • You didn’t use your scissors today. It was boring, wasn’t it?

To unlock this achievement all you have to do is spend a day of work without killing anyone.

The mice killed by the cat do not count as kills, so you can use it safely

Tip: finish the game first, open the shop and wait for the day to finish without doing anything.

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