THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake – How to Fix Loading Screen Crash

If you bought the game and it crashes on the first loading screen, this is your guide. I don’t have a PC that strictly meets the minimum requirements to begin with, but it worked just the same.

Guide to Fix Loading Screen Crash


I’ll tell you how I solved it:

Step 1

  • We must go to the Steam library, right click on the game and then Properties.

Step 2

  • We click on the General menu that is on the left, and then we position ourselves in Launch Parameters.

Step 3

  • Inside the text box we are going to write the following:
  • We close the window and start the game again.
  • In case it still doesn’t work, we will go back from step 1 and in step 3 we will delete the “-autoconfig” and we will use another parameter, which is this:
w 1280

Note: What this parameter does is force the game to run in 1280×720 resolution.

  • We close the window and start the game again.

Remember to have all your video drivers up to date and I also highly recommend installing the game on an SDD as with a conventional HDD the loading of Levels can be too slow.

I hope someone finds this guide useful.

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